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Dirty license plate – how to avoid a fine

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Dirty license plate – how to avoid a fine

Sometimes drivers are faced with the fact that police officers, having no legal grounds for stopping a car, use the almost catchphrase “You have dirty license plates. Pay a fine of UAH 1,200.” It is important to understand that fines for such a violation have increased fivefold.

This became known thanks to a reminder from the “Road Lawyer” legal community.

But it is important to know that the driver is prohibited from driving a vehicle with a dirty license plate, which does not allow to clearly identify the symbols of the license plate from a distance of 20 meters (2.9. of the Traffic Code). Even if at least one symbol is not legible on the number plates, there is a possibility of imposing a fine.

At the same time, if the violation is committed for the first time, the driver is subject to a fine of UAH 1,190. (Part 1 of Art. 121−3 of the Criminal Procedure Code).

However, an important feature when imposing this fine is that the license plate must not be read exactly from a distance of 20 meters.

That is, the basis for imposing a fine can only be the photo and video recording of license plates by the inspector at a distance of 20 meters, on which the license plates will not be visible. Appropriate measurements of this distance should also be made, not “by eye”.

Therefore, after stopping the car, we recommend immediately eliminating such a violation, namely wiping the license plates. After that, you can ask the inspector to provide you with photo and video evidence for viewing, which records the movement of your car with license plates that cannot be read at a distance of 20 meters.

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If the inspector did not record such a violation, then the fine is illegal.

We will remind that soon the deputies want to approve another punishment for drivers who disturb the peace of fellow citizens with too loud sounds of their mufflers.


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