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Discounted tickets to relaunch the Corso cinema in Treviso

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Discounted tickets to relaunch the Corso cinema in Treviso

Tickets to controlled prices, reviews from the cinema for the whole family. It’s the new bet of multiplex Corsothe last cinema left in the heart of Treviso.

The initiative was presented yesterday, December 2, to the public, signing the symbolic “handover” between the Amadio family (which remains the owner of the structure) and Don Elio Girotto, which takes over by renting the spaces. For the next six months, the Course will therefore become part of a network of associations of community cinemas linked to the Diocese of which the Busan cinema in Mogliano is already a part.

“This new proposal for the Corso cinema is welcome, which represents a fundamental reference and meeting place for our city”, remarked the councilor of Ca’ Sugana, Silvia Nizzetto.

Projections on the way

The cultural offer of the new Corso is pop as well as the cost of tickets: 8 euros full price, 5 euros reduced price. The first screening will be on Sunday 4 December to celebrate its reopening after stopped since April 2022 and the many uncertainties about his fate. Now the halls will fill up again.

On the big screen, to spend a nice Sunday afternoon, “Top Gun: Maverick” will be proposed, with new original contents, scheduled at 16.30 and 20.30. And again, “Belle and Sebastien-Next generation” at 3.30pm and 4pm. While Wednesday 7 December three premieres are on the bill: “Puss in boots 2”, “Yes chef!-La brigade”, “A mother against GW Bush”.

The reorganisation

Three halls, a total of 634 seatswhile the former employee of the Course has been kept in service and will follow the public with the support of two other employees and a group of volunteers who are already in service at Busan.

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«In the meantime, the agreement foresees a six-monthly management, the perfect time to propose an initial and complete programming of the winter and spring seasons», underlines Don Girotto, «If at the end of this period, as we expect, the response from the public will be positive, we will also update the deal. As managers of a cinema for many years, we are well aware of the energy price increases and the difficulties of the sector, but we believe it is our duty to safeguard the principals of culture, which are vehicles of sociability and knowledge”.

Between past and future

The challenge it will be to bring the audience back to theaters after the dark times. «The two years of the pandemic have been harmful, people today struggle to leave the house to go see a film, our hope is that the new formula of the Course can work and fill the halls», comments Silvia Amadio, owner together with the sisters of the structure, recalling the history of his family, whose name is linked to the historic cinemas of the city, not only the Corso but also Garibaldi, Embassy, ​​Hesperia, Astra, Edison.

There is also a vein of nostalgia in recalling a glorious past that will never return and which began its decline with the advent of the multiplex. “The methods of use by the public have profoundly changed”, concludes Don Girotto, hoping that the funds promised by the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment will arrive as soon as possible to restore oxygen to the entertainment industry, favoring the return of spectators to presence.

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