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discovery of a pill that reduces the risk of death, impressive results » Science News

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discovery of a pill that reduces the risk of death, impressive results » Science News
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An interesting piece of research was published last weekend which yielded extraordinary and impressive results from one pill That reduces the risk of death in half for the lung cancer. This pill is called osimertinib and is able to halve the risk of death over a five-year span in people who have given it and who have the surgery. The treatment is intended for patients whose cancers involve a common type of mutation.

The pillwhich is taken after a surgery that involves the removal of the tumor, has demonstrated, in a study published earlier this week in the New England Journal of MedicineOf reduce the risk of death of 51% of patients worldwide. As he stated at the ‘Guardian Roy Herbst’ the deputy director of Yale Cancer Center and lead author of the study: “Thirty years ago there was nothing we could do for these patients. Now we have this powerful drug. 50% is a big deal in any disease, but certainly in a disease like lung cancer, which has typically been very resistant to therapies.”

From the study of the possible impacts of the drug osimertinibthe researchers tested it on approx 682 patients affected by lung cancer not small cell from 26 countries around the world and all aged between 30 and 86. Of these patients, 339 they randomly received the pill produced by AstraZenecaWhile 343 they received a placebo. From the results that emerged from the study, the researchers revealed that after five years, the non-placebo group observed a 88% survival rate. This is a huge and surprising success over the placebo group, which saw a fairly lower survival rate of 78%.

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Nathan Pennellan expert at the American Society of Clinical Oncology, explained to the ‘Guardian’: “It is difficult to convey how important this discovery is and how long it took to get here. This shows an unequivocal and highly significant improvement in survival.”

In the end, Angela Terrychairman of lung cancer charity ‘EGFR Positive UK’, told the Guardian: “An 88% five-year overall survival rate is incredibly good news. Having access to a drug whose efficacy is proven and whose side effects are tolerable means that patients can be safe and able to enjoy a good quality of life for longer”.

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