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Disinfowebs are in vogue, so they increase status | Company | .a week

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Disinfowebs are in vogue, so they increase status |  Company |  .a week

the founder of Hlavné správ, Róbert Sopko, claims that “this is classic journalistic work”: press releases, interviews, analytical articles (ohh, that’s what I’m looking forward to the most), communication with politicians… They did not specify which politicians the journalist will communicate with, go to on their press releases and do (certainly very critical) interviews with them, but we probably know.

Well, since the current government is actively legitimizing disinformation media (most recently it presents them as “civic media”) and they are getting more and more space, they obviously need to properly turn around and recruit reinforcements.

what do you need to become a real Main News journalist?

In short – nothing. A college is enough for you – maybe even a simple bachelor’s degree, since it is not specified in the ad. And you don’t even have to have a degree in journalism. After all, as Sopko says: “We are happy to teach beginners the necessary skills.”

Well, it’s true that many journalists didn’t study journalism either. But to send such an inexperienced person straight to the government office to confess ministers? This is not standard at all. It’s also…alternative.

Well, what about the financial evaluation? A decent 1,800 euros in total for the business. Without adequate education, experience and basically without any handrails set by facts… quite a dream job under these conditions.

and they supposedly had that on their side

There was not much missing, and the main news might not even have been today. When the state temporarily banned them after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and when it got out that their “journalist” was receiving money from the Russian embassy, ​​they were on edge.

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Sopko claimed at the time that the blocking almost completely paralyzed them and they had to stop their activities for several weeks. It is said that almost 40 people who worked for his website lost their jobs. And that it will be very difficult to restore the editorial office in its original composition, because people had to find new jobs in the meantime. Due to the lack of money from advertising, it was said that Hlavné srava had to acquire 12,000 (!) annual subscribers.

But… the temporary blocking by the state ended, and although he was given this option for a few more months, in practice it was no longer used. And so the Main News dusted off their shoulders, knees, and thumbs, and today, even with generous help and promotion from the government, they are getting back to full strength. Like the proverbial Phoenix, they didn’t just rise from the ashes, but you know what.

PS: If you are still hesitating, you can ask for a review of the employer, e.g. at Jakub Goda, he will definitely be able to recommend – he infiltrated the editorial office and it was a very interesting experience.

If you subscribe to a digital subscription or a print .week for the next year, you’ll help us survive and do what we know. Thank you in advance.

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