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Disqualification of the message – news

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Disqualification of the message – news

By Aura Isabel Olano Correa

President Petro, there were not 250,000 people who marched in different cities of the country, because they do not agree with the reforms that your Government wants to implement to the letter, without agreeing on them with the different sectors of the national community, as if they were dogmas. , which is undemocratic and abusive.

Many people marched and took over the squares and streets of the main cities, medium and small towns, but it is not about the numerical aspect, but rather the clear message of the concentrations on Sunday, April 21 and the previous ones, which is telling them that, as The president, first of all, must listen to his constituents, otherwise we would be in an autocracy, obeying his will as supreme law. A country and its citizens cannot and should not allow that form of governing that goes above all consideration, interest and general well-being, as if it were the owner of the life and future of the current and future generations of compatriots.

Do not try to minimize protests and criticism with simplistic, quarrelsome and threatening responses, unbecoming of a true statesman, called to reflect on how he is leading the nation’s destinies and change course.

If so many citizens, all members of the Colombian people, tell him that he is wrong, that he puts his future pension at risk, as many young people have stated; The same as their health, by trying to end the current system through starvation, instead of improving it, which is leading to a shortage of medicines, especially for chronic and serious diseases, is because they are right.

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Those who marched and those who did not leave, but who do not agree with his authoritarian decisions, are not his detractors, they are citizens of all social, economic, and cultural conditions who are telling him that this is not the way, so he should reflect. Nor does it hide that because it is the “first left-wing government” they want to overthrow it, which is a fallacy, what is required of it is that it govern well. Precisely, he must govern correctly, with true and real changes that benefit citizens and in favor of national development, it would be a model of left-wing government, before which there would be no major objections. But, you must prove it.

Nor do you try to victimize yourself, as your neighboring counterpart Maduro has been doing for years, with the hackneyed argument that they want to “kill” you and that you are ridding Colombia of future bad governments, that sounds like forever, what a danger.

Citizens are crying out for security, as in the case of the department of Cauca, taken over by the FARC and ELN guerrillas, in collusion with drug traffickers and illegal miners, where populations are taken with blood and fire and murdered every day. to defenseless people and members of the Army and Police.

Cauca should be a priority for its Government, not only because of the dramatic situation it is experiencing, but because in this department it obtained a great vote. However, he has turned his back on this suffering region, as has his Minister of the Interior, a native of these lands.

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President Petro, no one wants to attack you, what they want is for you to listen and not say that “sWe have always been open to dialogue and we have always respected our principles by which we were elected”, only its followers believe that.

Do not divide the country further, as it is clear from your tweet on social network X: “Today some expressed themselves freely, the popular forces must respond, this May 1.”

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