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Disruption and flooding due to rain and the Civil Protection of the Fvg triggers an orange alert

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UDINE. The Civil Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia has issued an orange alert for hydrogeological and hydraulic criticalities due to the heavy rains and storms expected in the next few hours.


The notice, valid for Tuesday 5 October, concerns in particular the western part of the region; in the rest of the Fvg the state of alert is yellow. In the early afternoon of Monday 4, Friuli was affected by intense precipitation, which in some cases created inconvenience and flooding. As happened in the central Astra gallery in Udine.

Bad weather in Udine, Astra tunnel flooded

In the evening and in the night, more extensive and abundant rains are expected on the pre-Alpine belt.

On Tuesday at night and in the morning, heavy to intense thunderstorms are expected, especially in the west, even very intense in the Pre-Alps; moderate rainfall on the coast with sustained Scirocco. During the day, scattered showers and thunderstorms and Libeccio will blow on the coast. Possible storm surges. At high altitude there will be a strong south-west wind.

On Wednesday there will be more showers and thunderstorms with more intense rains on the plains and coast. In the morning there will be moderate to strong south or southwest wind on the coast and also at high altitude, from the afternoon-evening strong to strong Bora will blow, especially on the coast.

The occurrence of such events – warns the Civil Protection – can lead to widespread crisis situations in the minor hydrographic network and urban drainage, phenomena of instability of the slopes with local interruptions of the road network especially on the Carnic Prealps, raising of the main watercourses, wind sustained and storm surges on the coast.

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