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Dissidents kidnapped two CTI officials in Cauca

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Dissidents kidnapped two CTI officials in Cauca

The Attorney General’s Office expressed its rejection of the act of illegal detention perpetrated against two employees of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI), identified as Bethy Amanda Mage Imbachi and Gerzón Rene Rivera Fernández.

The Prosecutor’s Office’s call is clear and forceful: Absolute respect for the life and integrity of these two defenders of justice is demanded, as well as their immediate release..

The events that shocked public opinion took place at noon on Friday, April 19when the aforementioned officials were heading back to the Cauca Section, in Popayán, and were kidnapped in a rural area of ​​Dominguillo, belonging to the municipality of Santander de Quilichao.

The information held by the Attorney General’s Office indicates that the victims were held by armed individuals belonging to the FARC dissidents, specifically the group known as Gaor Dagoberto Ramos.

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The official confirmation came through a statement issued by the dissidents themselves, who declared: “In Santander de Quilichao, at a control and registration point of the Dagoberto Ramos Front of the Western Block, Two officials from the Attorney General’s Office were surprised while traveling. “The breakdown of the ceasefire puts at risk military personnel, police and other State officials who travel within the areas that are under the political and military control of the FARC-EP.”

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Furthermore, according to the dissidents’ version, at the time of the arrest they were found in the possession of CTI officials. two weapons along with their respective ammunition, as well as electronic devices used for the collection of information.ion.

However, those responsible for this act stated that the CTI servers and their companion “They are in good health«, adding that they hope that «Through international organizations, security conditions can be generated for their release..

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