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Distribution of the tasty legislative cake and something else – breaking latest news

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Distribution of the tasty legislative cake and something else – breaking latest news

Antonio C. Maldonado V.

Confused as we are throughout the country by the onslaughts of nature that do not cease and as announced by government officials, meteorologists, and NGOs that carry out the same task, for several provinces of the coastal region disasters are announced the current from El Nino; The President of the Republic, for his part, tries to combat organized crime and has issued a decree authorizing public forces at all levels to fight frontally against “terrorism” for which large amounts of money are invested in modern weapons whose preparation requires the training of the personnel who are going to use it and with the necessary urgency, since, in the last few days in many countries, including ours, the plot of the Sicilian mafia has been discovered —introduced in our Republic since many years ago, qualifying it as a cocaine-trafficking and exporting country, although without being producers; While this is happening, the Legislative Branch has the constitutional obligation to renew the directive and take office of the new dignitaries until May 14 of every two before the President and Vice President of the Republic.

While in the Legislature, the members of the various political and independent caucuses are trying, through a series of agreements to capture the direction of the main State Function, such as that of a new majority that enables a different course to comply with the offers that are made. they did in the campaign and that they are what the vast majority of Ecuadorians need; Since the pit in which we find ourselves also involves youth and children, there are clashes and divisions in political parties and groups, as in the indigenous sector, where the election of their new dignitaries ended in clubbing and to date has not been solve; also in a similar way that in other organizations, not only some members have exposed their reasoning for disaffiliating, a fact that weakens the opposition and strengthens the President of the Republic on trial who, according to what appears to be free of straw and dust in something that was believed to occur at the reverse. As is the scenario that keeps the national conglomerate attentive, in the “sharing of the cake” some slices will surely have a bitter and sour taste that for many will be very delicious.

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There are several problems that need urgent attention: the lack of medicines in hospitals and in the IESS, although the Ministry of Health has undertaken child vaccination for poliomyelitis, measles and rubella, as well as dengue for the populations of the Coast and the preparation that must be taken for the announcement of new variants of COVID-19, which has appeared in 30 countries.

Lastly, as everything goes the other way, the Quito metro, which has been under construction for many years, was announced and put into operation in December 2022, but to date users cannot use it because there are deficiencies that they hope will be solved.

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