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District Altona invites you to the “Colorful Dinner” in Ottensen | > – News

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District Altona invites you to the “Colorful Dinner” in Ottensen |  > – News

Status: 08/13/2023 00:01

A small street festival took place in Hamburg-Ottensen on Saturday evening. The district of Altona had invited the residents of the quarter to a “colorful dinner”.

For one evening, Große Brunnenstraße became a large picnic area. Everyone who wanted to take part in the “Bunten Dinner” could tuck a camping table and folding chairs under their arms and sit under the open sky with something to eat and drink to have a picnic with people from the neighborhood. The district office wanted to make the street areas in front of the front door a new experience. The dinner took place from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Traffic calming and no stopping on Ottenser Hauptstraße

To ensure that there is enough space for the small street festival, space was also created on Ottenser Hauptstraße and traffic calmed for a short time. In addition, there was a ban on stopping in Ottenser Hauptstrasse from 12 p.m. to midnight, and access was restricted until Sunday morning.


More life around Große Brunnenstraße

The “colorful dinner” is part of the traffic project “freiRaum Ottensen – the low-car district”. In the past year, more space was created for pedestrians and cyclists. Since then, there have been new seating, planters and parking spaces for bicycles.

Further information

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