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District offers one hundred percent discount on tax interest

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District offers one hundred percent discount on tax interest

Through Agreement 008 of 2023, the Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta has announced an initiative that seeks to alleviate the financial burden of delinquent debtors in terms of property tax and industry and commerce.

This special benefit will be valid until December 28 of this year, marking a window of opportunity for citizens to catch up on their payments and take advantage of this significant discount. The District Mayor’s Office urges taxpayers to take advantage of this offer early, avoiding at the last minute so that everyone has the possibility of accessing the discount.

This program offers a 100% discount on accrued interest, giving taxpayers the opportunity to regularize their tax obligations and actively contribute to the development of the city.

To facilitate the process, interested taxpayers can make their payments through the Tax portal at www.santamarta.gov.co using the PSE system. In addition, virtual alternatives are offered such as the Tributos SM APP and the ChatBot 3206158606, where online payments can also be made in a simple and secure way.

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Citizens who prefer in-person payment have points set up at the taxpayer service office at the District Mayor’s Office, located at 14th Street #2-49 Centro Histérico. They also have another point at the Revenue Department, located on Carrera 11A #17A-48, Territorial neighborhood, where they can make their payments in person.

This effort by the Mayor’s Office seeks to encourage the active participation of citizens in meeting their tax obligations, while alleviating financial pressures during the season.

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