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District Transportation Bureau actively launches “Credit Transportation Publicity Month” activities

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District Transportation Bureau actively launches “Credit Transportation Publicity Month” activities

Release date: 2021-11-25 17:19

Source of information: Nanhu District Transportation Bureau


The Nanhu District Transportation Bureau took the “Credit Transportation Promotion Month” as an opportunity to focus on key areas, key links and key populations in the transportation industry, and carried out the 2021 “Credit Transportation Promotion Month” activities through publicity guidance and policy interpretation to strengthen transportation Industry integrity education and integrity culture construction, create a good atmosphere of industry honesty and trustworthiness, and further promote the industry’s credit system construction.

The first is to promote honesty into the construction site. During the “Credit Transportation Promotion Month”, the Nanhu District Transportation Bureau carried out various forms of credit promotion. Go deep into Jiashan Luoxing to Nanhu Qixing Highway (Nanhu Section), Jiaxing Science and Technology City (Daqiao Town) Rural Road Bridge Reconstruction Project (Yundong Village Dongfeng Bridge), Fengqiao Town 2021 Rural Road Grade Upgrade Project, etc. to carry out traffic integrity promotion Day-themed activities to check whether there are outstanding problems of illegal subcontracting of various projects. Relying on various media such as the notice and the publicity brochure, the credit system construction publicity slogans and posters, and the on-site consultation and answering questions, improve the traffic construction industry and employees. Integrity awareness, create an honest and trustworthy market environment, and promote the high-quality development of transportation infrastructure construction in the whole district. The second is to strengthen credit learning. Carry out in-depth education on integrity, law-abiding and ethics for cadres and employees of transportation departments, strengthen learning of credit knowledge, and enhance credit awareness. Go deep into the project department of the Nanhu section of the Jiashan Luoxing-Nanhu Qixing highway, hold a credit transportation symposium, popularize credit policy knowledge through special lectures, policy interpretations, etc., promote transportation integrity models, and deepen the formation of “learning credit, understanding credit, and using credit” , A good environment of keeping promises.

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