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“Do not use the elevator, go up on foot”, appeal to ULSS employees against the expensive bills

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“Do not use the elevator, go up on foot”, appeal to ULSS employees against the expensive bills

Against the high energy even Ulss 1 Dolomiti runs for cover. And among the advice launched to its employees there is also that of not using the elevator, but walking up and down the stairs. “The movement is good for health,” they say from the Ulss.

The healthcare company is trying to contain the costs of electricity and heating which for 2002 speak of almost 8 million euros more than in 2020. From 10 million two years ago, when the rates were still reasonable, it is estimated to switch to nearly 18 this year. “And this with the current prices of raw materials. If there are other increases, the accounts will change ”, said the company which yesterday circulated a vademecum of good habits to all employees via the web to save electricity in the office.

The company focuses its advice in four areas: from the computer to be turned off if not used for a long time to printers and photocopiers activated in the “energy saving” function, up to the use of the stairs instead of the lift. “It will be an opportunity to improve health, improve muscle tone, the cardiovascular system, respiratory functions and burn additional calories.” Finally, the Ulss invites its workers to turn off the lights when they leave the common areas such as bathrooms, corridors, stairways, meeting rooms and to calibrate the lighting according to real needs.

“We are going through an extremely critical period on several fronts, including the energy crisis that affects our families but also our organization”, explains the general manager, Maria Grazia Carraro. “Together with system measures that the company will implement, small daily choices made by everyone can affect the appropriate use of energy to promote savings”.

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Carraro points out that what has been circulated among employees are “good habits” for rationally consuming energy in everyday work, as indicated in the document drawn up for the Public Administration by the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITE). Energy saving and efficiency also pass from small gestures to which we are all called to pay attention, to contribute to an intelligent use of energy. These are simple measures that can not only reduce energy consumption, but also improve our comfort, our health and our quality of life in the workplace ».

The general manager, therefore, addressing the employees of the company invites them to make these good practices yours to become protagonists of change, in the name of a new culture that is more responsible and attentive to the reduction of energy waste ».

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