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Do we, Muslims, in this time, have anything to plead with regarding our good deeds to God Almighty so that He may answer our prayers???

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Do we, Muslims, in this time, have anything to plead with regarding our good deeds to God Almighty so that He may answer our prayers???

Muhammad Shirky

It is known that God Almighty has commanded us in the final revelation to call upon Him, and told us that He is close to us if we call upon Him, and that He responds to the needy if they call upon Him. Likewise, His Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, urged us to be persistent in supplication, and indicated to us the times and circumstances that we go through in our lives. If we turn to our Creator in prayer, He will answer us. There is no doubt that this is what our Lord, Glory be to Him, has bestowed upon us, and which His Messenger, may the peace and blessings of God be upon him, gave us good tidings of is the greatest blessing of all, because He has opened wide the door of hope and hope for us at all times, especially when we are in need, and at times known and favored by Him in which those who call upon Him are not rejected. Disappointed, empty-handed, and miserable.

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, directed us to how the supplication of necessity should be used by those in need when he told us the news of the three people who were walking in a desert, and it was raining, so they were forced to take shelter in a cave, but the torrents of rain rolled away a rock, ruining the cave for them, and despair overtook them. They were forced to turn to their Lord in supplication, beseeching Him with what they thought were good deeds they had and He knew best about them. One of them interceded by honoring his parents, the other by refraining from raping his cousin whom he loved most when he was alone with her one day, so she reminded him of fearing God Almighty, so he feared him, and the third was to invest money. He had a worker who was with him and then was absent for a long time. He came back to ask for his wages, and he found that more than what he had left had been given to him by his tenant. The rock was moving from the cave according to the work he was pleading to God Almighty for, and it did not move except with the supplication of the third supplicant, because what he had done deserved from God Almighty the answer to his supplication.

There is no doubt that there are many benefits in this hadith, the first of which is that it removes harm, and gets out of distress and distress, and all of that is what forces the believing person to ask his Creator for relief, and the second is that the person in need has been guided by this hadith to supplicate to his Lord, Glory be to Him, the Most High, with what he thinks is a good deed, and his Lord. I know it, and the third is that the response to the supplication of the one in need is based on the value or value of the work he supplicates to God Almighty, and no one knows its value or value except Him, Glory be to Him and the Most High. And the fourth is that nothing is beneficial in the hour of distress except honesty with the Creator, glory be to Him, and sincerity of intention to Him in the work, and that Every action that I intend to do other than its purpose will not benefit the person in need at all if he pleads with it to his Lord.

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It should not be understood that the supplication of a distressed person for his good deeds to his Lord, Glory be to Him, is a deal or barter between the Creator, Glory be to Him, and His creation, because the deeds of creation, no matter how good they are, are not equivalent to responding to supplication, which is a bounty, blessing, and mercy from God Almighty. The plea of ​​one who is in dire need for the good of his deeds may not receive an answer to his prayer, despite its validity in the balance and appreciation of God Almighty for a wisdom that only He knows. On the other hand, the Almighty may respond to the prayer of a sinner who is in need, who has no means by which to plead with his Lord, and that would be an act of kindness from Him, Glory be to Him, the Most High, and He is the One who is effective. For what He wants, and He has affairs in His creation.

Among the things that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, warned against is what prevents the prayer of a person in need from being answered, as he mentioned that: “The man has been traveling for a long time, disheveled and dusty. He extends his hands to the sky saying, ‘O Lord, O Lord,’ and his food is forbidden, his clothing is forbidden, his drink is forbidden, and he is fed with forbidden food. How will this be answered? «

There is evidence in this hadith that committing forbidden things obscures the response to the prayer of one who is in dire need.

And from the mercy of God Almighty toward His servants is that He did not despair them or make them despair of His mercy and of answering their supplications. He made despair of His Spirit and His mercy a characteristic of the unbelievers or the misguided. He said on the lips of his friend Abraham, peace be upon him, when he was surprised by his preaching of a boy who was very old and whose wife was barren. So the angels commanded him not to be. Of the two despondents, he said: ((And who despairs of the mercy of his Lord except those who are astray?) . As he said on the lips of his Prophet Jacob, peace be upon him, when Joseph’s brothers despaired of getting their brother back: ((My sons, go and feel for Joseph and his brother, and do not despair of the Spirit of God. No one despairs of the Spirit of God except the disbelieving people)) In this verse there is evidence that despair only comes from unbelievers who do not believe in their Creator. This means that it is not in their nature for believers to despair of the Spirit of God Almighty for the sins and transgressions they commit, and that their situation is like Joseph’s brothers, and they did what they did to their brother when they threw him into the grave. Absences of the pocket. In the penultimate verse, there is evidence that those who are desperate for the mercy of their Lord are the ones who are lost, and that is not the case with believers who are guided by their faith. And here we are today, the community of believers, and our number in the world has exceeded a billion and a half. We are living in the most dire circumstances, and we pray to our Lord to reveal what our brothers in the land of the Night Journey and Mi’raj are suffering from in terms of genocide at the hands of the criminal Zionists, starvation, siege, deprivation, and extreme fear… and no. We see signs that our prayers will be answered, as the killing of them increases daily, and the types of abuse against them continue, and the siege against them intensifies, and starvation and displacement continue… and they ask us to pray for them so that God Almighty will relieve them of the hardship they are in, and the bad condition, and we pray while we are a billion and a half, and no. We will be answered, because we have lacked the good deeds that we plead with our Creator, Glory be to Him, and among us are the jealous people whose sins prevent God Almighty from answering their supplications, and they supplicate to Him.

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There is misfortune similar to that of the people of Palestine, and misfortune in many parts of the world: injustice, persecution, drought, famine, fear and deprivation, diseases and epidemics… and those who suffer from all these misfortunes pray to God Almighty day and night to protect them. The harm is removed from them, and others pray for them, and the relief of God Almighty is delayed, and despair creeps into the hearts of most or some of them, even though their souls are certain of the firm certainty that there is no despair, nor despair of the spirit and mercy of God Almighty.

Accordingly, it is incumbent on us, the faithful Muslims, to review ourselves in order to hasten a sincere reconciliation with our Creator, Glory be to Him, and we have become certain that we have no good deeds to plead with Him to answer our prayers and reveal the hardships that have afflicted our nation. The first thing we must review is abandoning sins, followed after that by striving for good deeds, which must be secrets between the servants and their Creator, Glory be to Him, and be pure to Him, not mixed with reputation or hypocrisy, then beseeching them and supplicating to Him, Most High, and He is He loves our insistence in supplication, and then we have a break with despair and despair of His mercy and spirit, and a break with the urgency of responding, because God Almighty manages the affairs of His kingdom with wisdom, knowledge, experience, power, and mercy… and that is what we do not know, nor understand what it is, even if He He made us aware of his unseen so that we know that everything he does with his creation is good for them, while they are ignorant of his goodness. Oh God, we rely in answering our prayers on Your mercy that encompasses all things, and we condemn and accuse ourselves, and we have sunk in transgressions and sins, and have reached the point of extravagance, and You, Glory be to You, have not despaired, nor despaired of Your mercy and Your extravagant spirit, and our reserves of doing good deeds are mere zeros, so find it. May your generosity, kindness, and grace be upon us, O Jawad, for there is no god or Lord for us to call upon or hope for except you. Oh God, hasten the nation of your Prophet, our Master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, to a near and urgent relief before the advent of your month, which you glorified with the revelation of the Holy Qur’an.

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Praise be to God, by whose grace good deeds are accomplished. May God’s blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad and all his family and companions.

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