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Does the “Halcón” aerial surveillance system work in Cali?

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The advanced and modern model that integrates the sky surveillance system of Santiago from cali called “Hawk”, which includes aircraft with monitoring capabilities, alerts, night vision, is operating normally in the “Sky Branch”.

‘Hawk’; aerial surveillance system used by the National Police in the Valle del Cauca district of the capital, sustains a maintenance amounting to one billion pesos per year, a budget prioritized by the Secretary of Security and Justice of Cali to guarantee citizen security.

Jimmy Dranguet Rodríguez, Secretary of Security and Justice of Cali, detailed the following:

“In the city, the air monitoring system works normally and we have aircraft with all their capabilities. We have always had this coverage and this includes city events, demonstrations, and relevant criminal acts that have impacted different sectors of Cali. We take care of vehicle maintenance, the entire camera system and technological components, as well as fuel”.

Depending on the maintenance of the aircraft, the official explained that when one of the devices enters its periodic review it is replaced by another of the same conditions, guaranteeing the continuity of its air surveillance and monitoring system.

The Cali Secretariat of Security and Justice has already secured the resources that will guarantee all maintenance, repairs, and licenses for the normal operation of the system during the 2023 term.

Photo: Cali Mayor’s Office


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