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Dog helps save owner who fell into frozen lake in Michigan

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Dog helps save owner who fell into frozen lake in Michigan

Michigan State Police Officer and Dog Rescue Man From Frozen Lake

A 65-year-old man from Traverse City, Michigan had a lucky escape after falling through the ice on Lake Arbutus on Thursday. Thanks to the quick thinking and resourcefulness of Michigan State Police Transportation Officer Kammeron Bennetts and the man’s loyal dog, he was pulled to safety.

The dramatic rescue was captured on Bennetts’ body camera, showing the man submerged in icy water with only his head and shoulders above the thin ice, and his dog standing nearby.

In the video, Bennetts is seen attempting to throw a rescue disc tied to a rope at the man. When that plan did not yield good results, the officer asked the man to send his dog to him. “Send your puppy here. Will she come to me?” he yelled, to which the man responded that her name is Ruby.

“Ruby, come here! Come here Ruby!” Bennetts shouted in the video, before whistling at the dog, who ran towards him wagging her tail. The officer then tied the rescue disc to the dog’s collar and asked the man to call Ruby back to him. When she returned, Bennetts instructed the man to take the disc away from Ruby and for her to start kicking. With the help of the dog, Bennetts was able to pull the man towards the frozen surface of the lake and onto safer ice near the edge.

Following the successful rescue, the man was taken by ambulance to a hospital for medical attention and was later released. The Michigan State Police praised the rescue on social media, particularly highlighting Ruby’s crucial role in the operation.

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The heartwarming rescue serves as a reminder of the unbreakable bond between humans and their pets, and the extraordinary measures that can be taken to save a life in a time of crisis.

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