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“Doing Open Government. The experiences of the pilot courses”

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The publication is online Open government. The experiences of the pilot courses with which the Department of Civil Service e Train they wanted to pay particular attention to the pilot paths created as part of the project OpenGov: methods and tools for open administration with the aim of consolidating open government initiatives in Italian PAs; experiment with processes of governmental openness and public participation; strengthen internal administration skills on these issues; test participatory paths designed on the needs of PAs and technological solutions; develop tools and methodologies for PA; disseminate all the knowledge and tools developed during the pilot courses. The notebook therefore reports the pilot experiences carried out and makes the kits, procedures and documents produced available to the PA, so that the steps taken are replicable and can inspire other administrations, with a methodological approach to open government, towards strengthening the culture of public participation in Italy.

Go to the Italia OpenGov website

Download the volume “Making Open Government. The experiences of the pilot courses”

The publication was created as part of the activities of the “Opengov: Methods and tools for open administration” project of the Department of Public Function, implemented by Formez – Agreement between the Department of Public Function and Formez PA of 29 January 2021 Source of financing: PON Governance and institutional capacity 2014-2020 Axis 1, transferred with Decree no. 66 of 18 July 2023 of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion on the Operational Program Complementary to the PON “Governance and institutional capacity” 2014-2020 Axis dedicated to resources under protection pursuant to art. 242 of the Decree-Law 19 May 2020 n. 34.

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