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Dolomites, over 150 intrepid “shepherds” follow 12 Valais goats in the ritual of transhumance

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Dolomites, over 150 intrepid “shepherds” follow 12 Valais goats in the ritual of transhumance

More than 150 intrepid “shepherds” fully harnessed have moved from the pastures of Caralte to cover the eight kilometers to the stable in Valle: it is the transhumance that on Sunday brought the 12 Valais goats from the summer pasture to the winter refuge. Among the guests, also a family from Japan and Russia. «We never imagined that our trip would be accompanied by so many happy and carefree people», said Franco Oliveri who, as a photographer, followed step by step the long group that set off from the locality “Le vare” in Caralte. Immediately after the departure, the “shepherds” (dressed in colorful clothes) took the path that leads to the locality of Sacco, at the foot of the Cavallera, where the first refreshment was prepared. Good food and a little wine, seasoned with music, made them regain their strength to face the uphill stretch, which along the asphalt belt of the old Cavallera led them to take the road that leads to Damos, the smallest fraction of Pieve. A road in good condition, so it wasn’t hard to get to the new and beautiful house of Renzo Zangrando, the man who, together with his son, grows flowers and herbs to make creams. The two were very kind and hosted the “wayfarers” in their company, where they had a very welcome refreshment. This year there were many more participants in the transhumance, putting the organization in crisis. Resuming their journey, the group took the ancient Roman road that leads to the Rualan bridge and then to Doval, a small and beautiful town in the Municipality of Valle. One last stop and then everyone took the direction of the stable which is located in the ancient part of the town, thus concluding an unforgettable 8 kilometer walk through woods and fantastic places and putting their feet on the stones laid by the Romans about 2000 years ago. Then the awards to those who had come from further away, to the more and less young and to various collaborators, with the participation of Marianna Hofer, the mayor of Valle. The event was well organized by the Pro loco di Valle and the Vallesane del Cadore Group.

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