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Dornauer would “never do anything at the expense of my party”

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Dornauer would “never do anything at the expense of my party”

On Friday, the Tyrolean SP leader Georg Dornauer at least weakened the conflict he had started over the federal party’s asylum line. Dornauer had said that one could also talk to him about an asylum cap of “zero” and had also received criticism from his regional group for this.

Yesterday he spoke of a “sharp formulation” with which he wanted to express “that you can literally discuss anything with me.” He is known for his “quite pragmatic, restrictive course” on the migration issue. Nevertheless, the zero limit is not his political opinion, said Dornauer, who has repeatedly made people sit up and take notice in the past with positions that go beyond the party line.

“Of course, flight and migration will continue to exist in the future and will have to exist for our economy,” said the LH deputy, who is in a state coalition with the ÖVP.

In the duel between Hans Peter Doskozil and Andreas Babler for the SP federal chairmanship, Dornauer was in the camp of the Burgenland governor. Doskozil advocates an upper limit on asylum. Nevertheless, the Tyrolean has now made a commitment to Babler, with whom he wants to “ideally reach first place” in the National Council election. Dornauer did not see any damage to the SPÖ from his statements (“I will never do anything at the expense of my own party”).

After the internal rumour, he saw “everything cleared up again”. The Innsbruck SP mayoral candidate (election date April 14th) Elisabeth Mayr had accused Dornauer of “populism”. The red youth organizations put up a “We’re not like that” poster at the party headquarters.

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Visit to Innsbruck

Babler is paying a campaign visit to Innsbruck today. Dornauer is not expected to be present at a press conference in the morning with the red city leaders around Mayr, but he will reportedly be at a campaign event in the afternoon in Innsbruck’s city center.


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