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Dorsay store said goodbye to the city of Maturín

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Dorsay store said goodbye to the city of Maturín

After approximately 30 years serving and dressing the Monaguenses, Dorsay stores said goodbye to Maturín

Dorsay store said goodbye to Maturín after 30 years

After approximately 30 years serving and dressing the maturineses, store by department, Dorsay closed its doors in the capital city to make way for another business, which shows that there are fewer and fewer shops in the center of maturin.

Many people were surprised this Monday morning, when when passing between Bolívar avenue and the government, they found that the store no longer had its giant red letters, one of the first in its three-dimensional style and people were observed in the place working on remodeling

New shop

Those who were present stated that they did not know what had happened to the workers of the old department store, however, they specified that a branch of another store will be opened at the headquarters, which for years has also been expanding in the capital of Monaguense.

Another of the businesses that closes its doors is the well-known Genesis, from which it was learned that it would be transferred to Bolívar state, with all its staff.

Génesis is another of the stores that lowered its santamarias

high taxes

Some merchants have repeatedly stated that the city of Maturín and Monagas in general has become one of the most expensive cities in terms of taxes, which is why they have had to find strategies to avoid lowering the Santamarías.

While passers-by stated that these are stores that have not been renovated, however, in their place “some Chinese are sure to open for the Turks, who are the ones who have the most to buy and sell food,” as Manuel Andérico, who was walking nearby, pointed out. of the place.

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Likewise, one of the store owners located on Bolívar avenue remembered when Dorsay was inaugurated on the corner of Juncal avenue, as well as its subsequent transfer to what until recently was its main headquarters.

The headquarters is being remodeled to open a new department store

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