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Dosquebradas debuts with its U-60 team

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Dosquebradas debuts with its U-60 team

Julián Andrés Santa

Saturday is one of the most traditional days for amateur tournaments in Risaralda. This is how today the second date of the first edition of the Rubén Darío Orozco Cup will be held, a contest organized by the former Pereira councilor and sports leader who tells how he came up with the idea of ​​creating this sporting event for players over 60 years of age.

“Since 2012, the idea arose of holding a tournament for those over 50, which until then did not exist in the city, but more than 10 years have passed and those players over 50 are already over 60 or even some over the age of 60. 70. Some of them were tired and even though there were many remaining players of that age, the idea arose of organizing a tournament for those over 60 years of age.”

Eight teams in the first edition

“For the first time, I think the fact that eight teams have already duly participated with all the conditions is a very good response. We have teams from Armenia, Santa Rosa, Dosquebradas and Cartago,” adds Rubén Darío Orozco, its organizer.

Dosquebradas present in the glass

Under the name Tatiana La de la Gente, Dosquebradas participates in this Under-60 contest. Precisely, councilor Tatiana López, director of the team, explains the support provided. “I was meeting with some friends and they proposed to me the possibility of putting together the first team of U-60 veterans that represents Dosquebradas in all the tournaments held in Risaralda and we have already started in the first Rubén Darío Orozco Cup and we achieved that not only will play in Pereira, but also in our municipality at the Salesiano School facilities.”

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Representing the municipality with pride

“The players are happy, it is the first time they compete on behalf of the city where they were born, where they have their families, they have their jobs, their businesses and I feel very happy, I will always give them a word of encouragement and support . We cannot be limited by age and we will always be highly productive at any stage of our lives,” adds Tatiana López.

Sporty and friendly integration

Mario Bernal, Dosquebradas player, expresses: “we are a team made up of friends who have been playing for more than 50 years, where we are being given the opportunity to play sports, to meet again and both Tatiana and her father Joel, have brought together this group of friends making a very competitive selection. At our age we feel happy to still be able to hit a ball, this is life and health.”

Schedule date 2. Today

El Palmar Court

4:00pm La 28 Cochexpress vs Berlin

Villa Daniela Court

4:00pm Taborda and his Combo Gato Pardo vs Automatizando

Salesian School Court

2:00pm Tatiana La de la Gente vs Verón Agroinsumos Combo

Calasanz School Court

4:00pm Qatar Engineers vs Fresmar Casino El Faraón

Positions table

1. Fresmar Casino El Faraón. 3 points

2. La 28 Cochexpress. 3

3. Berlin. 3

4. Tatiana of the People. 1

5. Taborda and his Brown Cat Combo. 1

6. Automating. 0

7. Qatar Engineers. 0

8. Verón Agroinsumos Combo. 0


The scoring table is headed by Santiago Holguín and Humberto Pineda, both with three goals scored in the first day.

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Players from the Dosquebradas team, standing from left to right: Edilberto Torres, Joel Castrillón, Juan Carlos Hernández, Joel López, Albeiro Cárdenas, Carlos Castaño, Jhon Jairo López, Diego Brito, Arley Soto and Juan Corrales. Below in the same order: Juan Pablo Zapata, Gustavo Aristizábal, Edgar Pineda, Gerardo Tamayo, Jairo Ospina, Carlos Arturo Zapata, Jhon Omar Escobar, Mario Bernal and Luis Eduardo Jiménez.

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