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“Double reduction” policy is introduced, more and more children and parents pay more attention to sports-let sports play an important role in the growth of young people_华奥星空|

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Sports are vital to good health, especially for children and adolescents. Recently, with the introduction of the “double reduction” policy, more and more children and parents pay more attention to sports, hoping to participate more in sports during the childhood and adolescence.

Cultivate interest in sports since childhood

At Nanyan Badminton Amateur Sports School in Liuzhou City, Guangxi, you can also see many “brothers and sisters” practicing badminton together in the hall during the summer vacation. “We have always had parents bring their younger siblings to see their elders and sisters training. If they are old enough, the children are really interested in badminton, and the parents will also help them sign up and participate in systematic training.” said Huang Nanyan, a sports school coach. “Our coaches teach according to age groups. There will often be situations in which they have just taken care of their siblings in the first two years, and will start teaching siblings this year. When they are of similar level, they will come to the venue on weekends or in their spare time. Do family confrontation exercises, exercise your body, and improve your level.”

In the basketball training hall of the Dashu Sports Training Center in Jinan, Shandong, you can also see more and more parents bringing their children together during training. Shao Yu, the relevant person in charge of the center, said: “Encouraged by the second and third child policy, many families have more than one child. Now you can often see it on the stadium. The family boss is following the coach in class training, and the parents bring the second child in the field. Playing with the ball.”

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In addition to the more lively atmosphere in the venue, Shao Yu said that now there are more and more girls in the class. “Nowadays, many girls also come to participate in training, and the number has increased significantly compared with previous years. We have learned that many of them are because the boss has practiced here for several years. Parents have truly seen that sports and basketball have brought changes to their children. They have a more cheerful personality and are more confident in doing things and speaking. Not only that, many children of this generation have grown up in basketball halls when they were young, and they have also developed a strong interest in basketball, which may be the reason why they chose to register for classes. one.”

Sun Mohang, who is ten years old this year, has a younger sister who is five and a half years younger than him. Mother Tian Miao told reporters that the elder brother’s training and competition time is relatively early, and when the younger sister is not in school, he will go to the venue with his elder brother. When the elder brother is training, the younger sister will beat the ball next to him, and when the elder brother is playing, the younger sister will cheer up. After finishing homework at home, my brother will take his sister downstairs to play ball. Both brothers and sisters are now interested in basketball. When talking about the changes brought about by sports, Tian Miao said that his elder brother’s physical fitness and resistance have been greatly improved, and the biggest feeling is that he is less sick than before. Not only that, because basketball is a team sport. To win a game, you must not only improve your own skills, but also need to cooperate with your teammates. Therefore, your brother’s communication skills and team awareness have also been improved.

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There are many benefits of participating in sports

Experts say that children and adolescents actively participate in physical exercises during their growth and development, which has a great effect on children’s physical development. Regular physical exercise can improve the body’s blood circulation, increase the body’s absorption of nutrients, and make bones grow more vigorously, which is more conducive to the growth of children. In addition to physical changes, sports also promote the mental health of children and adolescents. Related research shows that compared with students who do not have exercise habits, students who participate in sports have a higher level of mental health and are significantly less likely to suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and autism.

Not only that, sports can also help develop children’s brave and tenacious character, self-transcendence, the will to meet challenges, and the ability to take risks. It also helps cultivate children’s awareness of competition, cooperation and fairness, such as running and swimming. , Basketball and other sports, if your child likes, you can encourage them to participate in these sports more.

Shao Yu believes that the participation of children and adolescents in sports has a lot to do with their parents’ awareness. He said: “In fact, we all know that exercise will make children grow taller, help improve cardiopulmonary function, improve gastrointestinal health, strengthen their physical fitness, and sharpen their children’s character. When parents really exercise with their children, they will be more intuitive. Now the center organizes a parent-child sports event every June and July, inviting parents to participate, and through some projects to strengthen the tacit understanding between children and parents and family cohesion, so that parents can feel the changes and growth of their children, and the benefits of sports Their influence, I hope that parents can pay more attention to the positive role of sports in the growth process of their children, and try to avoid the situation of giving up sports because of the increasing burden of their children’s studies.” (Reporter/Gu Ning)

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