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«Dr. Perin, a precious resource stolen from Feltre»

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«Dr. Perin, a precious resource stolen from Feltre»

Roberta Perin will leave Santa Maria del Pratoearly next year, to take over as chief physician of Palliative care in the southern Treviso district. And if from Mano Amica, an association that has always supported this little jewel, pioneering with respect to regional programming, congratulations and congratulations on the doctor’s skill come, not even the strong concerns for the future of the service are hidden. Nor recriminations for what is perceived as a misconduct on the part of theUlss of Treviso: «Which rises from the plain to choose the precious resource that has kept the ward standing and has guaranteed the full functionality of the model for incurable patients of all ages between hospices and the territory including the RSA, leaving the mountain unguarded where the recruitment of doctors is structurally complicated».

Palliative care in Feltre, Roberta Perin becomes head physician in Treviso

He doesn’t tell them the president of Mano Amica, Paolo Biacoli to the top management address of Ca’ Foncello. More: «Precisely because the mountains are disadvantaged and the indicators are critical in terms of epidemiology and population aging, the president of the Region should safeguard the balance, with an eye to specificity. All the general managers are struggling to find doctors, but the mountain should be protected by trying to keep the professionals who have been working for years in a problematic area here».

“We wish Roberta Perin the professional and career future she deserves,” says Biacoli. «Perin has been able to keep the bar very high, despite operating amid many difficulties. Her advancement is also a source of pride for Mano Amica. But we don’t hide that with his departure, another very difficult moment will open». We could create the same situation as six years ago when Galdolfo Fiorito resigned, Roberta Perin was ready to go to the Clare of Trent e Federica Zanatta to return to Feltre emergency roomrecalls the president Paolo Biacoli.

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«On that occasion we asked the previous director for answers Caldogno satin who acted for the reconstruction of the team, Mano Amica financed a freelance contract and Roberta Perin decided to remain at the Santa Maria del Prato with functions of head of the Palliative Care operative unit». Feltre is among the very few realities in the Veneto region to meet the requisites required by the Region, adds the president. In the critical phase of Covid, Perin managed the department alone as her collaborators passed away. «Also in this case, our association has pressed for a full guarantee of continuity of service. And two retirees arrived with a 25-hour-a-week freelance contract, Gandolfo Fiorito e Cosimo DiChirico».

She is currently back Federica Zanatta, physician on staff. “But the situation is precarious,” continues the president of Mano Amica. «Whatever we are asked, we are available to collaborate also financially as we have always done. It is essential though that l’Ulss 1 be active so that at the end of January we don’t end up with the team staff still in trouble ».

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