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Draghi defends the measures and tries to lock down the parties

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The decision to hold a press conference in the coming days, perhaps coinciding with the Council of Ministers on Thursday that will give the green light to the new refreshment decree, had already matured at Palazzo Chigi following the launch of the new important anti Covid regulations that have introduced the vaccination obligation for people over fifty. But in the last few hours, also due to the negative reaction of some of the media on some points such as the penalty of 100 euros for those who do not comply with the obligation, the decision has matured to bring the meeting with the press forward to tomorrow, day of the reopening of schools and many activities.

The appointment is set for 18, so that you can already have a first picture of how the return will have gone in hours in which the infections continue to rise (yesterday the news that the infected ministers have risen to three: Vittorio Colao, Luigi Di Maio and Federico D’Incà, the last two also great voters for the Quirinale).

But the premier, who remains the most authoritative candidate to succeed Sergio Mattarella despite the fears of the parties on the repercussions that his move from Palazzo Chigi to the Quirinale would have on the continuation of the government, will not answer questions on the subject: the press conference is solely conceived as an opportunity to explain to public opinion, confused by the many decrees that have followed one another in recent weeks, the meaning of the new package of measures. By putting his face on it.

It is precisely on the reopening of schools in the presence, on the other hand, that one of the strongest clashes took place in the Cdm of last January 5. With the dem ministers, the head of Health Speranza and almost all the governors (with the exception of Massimiliano Fedriga and Giovanni Toti) lined up against the post-holiday reopening or very perplexed.

But Draghi claims to have kept the bar straight on a topic that is particularly close to his heart, also deciding to challenge the order in the meantime intervened by the dem governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca: “We cannot keep the restaurants open and close the schools” , is the reasoning made at Palazzo Chigi. Contagions class by class will then determine the use of Dad, where it will be needed.

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