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Draghi: “The pandemic is under control, but slightly and steadily worsening”

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“The pandemic in Italy is under control, we are in the best situation in Europe thanks to the vaccination campaign which was a remarkable success”, but the pandemic “is slightly but steadily worsening”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this at the end of the Council of Ministers, during the press conference with Health Ministers Roberto Speranza and Mariastella Gelmini for Regional Affairs. “We want to be very cautious – he explained introducing the new restrictive measures – to be able to maintain what we have achieved in the last year”. The premier recalled that “important measures have been taken in terms of controlling the pandemic”. In short, the government’s line is to curb infections with the reinforced green pass, avoiding closures. It is the line chosen by the Government to contain the contagion race, trying to limit the closure of economic activities as much as possible.

From 6 December we change

From 6 December until 15 January, the super green pass arrives, the main element of the government’s crackdown on measures to combat the pandemic. It will be mandatory for regional rail transport and local public transport. And to enter the hotel. The no vax with a tampon will be able to go to work, but already in the white zone only the holders of the super green pass – therefore the vaccinated or cured – will have access to shows, sporting events, indoor bars and restaurants, parties and discos, public ceremonies. From December 15 comes the obligation of vaccine for the administrative staff of health, school staff (teaching and administrative), for the police, the military and public aid. And there will be media information campaigns to push vaccinations.

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Compact government, but don’t underestimate diversity of views

“What seemed to be different positions before the Council of Ministers – underlined Prime Minister Draghi – have disappeared, the decision was unanimous”. And compared to a country that is opposed between vax and no vax “it is important that the government is compact, that there are no yielding or different positions as so many other times in the past. The lack of compactness “can become an” excuse for the evasion of the obligation, for the opposition, for the tension “. But at the same time, he specified, “we must not underestimate or criminalize diversity of behaviors and views”.

Pnnr: we are on track, we will achieve 51 goals

“We are on track and will achieve our 51 goals. The machine is moving forward and moving forward well, but we need to be vigilant, ”said President Draghi. “The machine is moving forward, and is moving forward very well”, underlined the premier, however specifying that “we must be very vigilant”. After all, “this is a new experience”, the premier stressed again, recalling that “the obstacles that Italy has encountered in recent years has been the ability to spend”. Once the objectives have been achieved, «an operational agreement will be signed at the end of December, then approximately two months, two and a half months will pass before the second tranche is disbursed. In this period of time the satisfaction of the objectives will be evaluated ». Draghi recalled that for now “no other country, except Spain, has managed to sign the operating agreement for the disbursement of the second tranche”.

Tim: priority to protection of employment, technology and the network

Responding to a question about the KKR offer on Tim, Prime Minister Draghi underlined “we are still at the very first steps in which many things must be evaluated. What the government has done and said is that it has three priorities in analyzing this offer and Tim’s future: the protection of employment, the second is the protection of the very valuable technology that is within the group. Tim under the various companies. The third is the protection of the network ». And «internally, the government will evaluate this offer and various future prospects for the company. Draghi said the government has created a committee of ministers more directly involved in handling the response to this offer from the US KKR fund and the telecommunications sector in general. It includes “the Minister of Industry, Minister Colao, and Minister Orlando will be interested in labor issues when they arise”.

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