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Draghi: “The regular flows of migrants are a resource. We cannot do it alone, the EU should act “

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ROME. Migrants are a resource but the management of flows must take place at the community level. «Italy strongly supports the new Agenda for the Mediterranean of the European Union. The substantial financial commitments in the region must stimulate a fair and sustainable recovery, ”argues Mario Draghi. «We need a greater involvement of all EU countries also in the Mediterranean. Italy continues to propose a European advance towards collective management based on the effective balance between responsibility and solidarity. We want to act jointly to prevent illegal flows, protect the weakest also through the promotion of humanitarian corridors ”, said the premier speaking at the“ Rome Med-Mediterranean Dialogues ”conference.


Mediterranean at the center of the EU
The Prime Minister adds: «Let’s think about the flows of migrants, alone we cannot control all arrivals. Since the beginning of the year we have reached 63,000 arrivals, 6 times as many as in 2019 ». And «the transitions underway – first of all the digital and environmental ones – create the space for a path of stability and prosperity. Underlying these objectives must be a shared vision for the Mediterranean. Not as a southern border of Europe, but as a cultural and economic center “, Mario Draghi points out. And” there must be a shared vision for the Mediterranean. Not as a southern border of Europe, but as a cultural and economic center ».


“Italy strongly supports the process of political transition and pacification of Libya”, argues Draghi. «The Paris Conference of 12 November last, co-chaired by Italy, France, Germany, Libya and the United Nations, reaffirmed the unity of the international community around this goal. the premer continues – and confirmed that only a Libyan-led process can lead to a full and lasting solution to the crisis in the country. The European commitment in the IRINI and EUBAM Libya missions also goes in the right direction. Furthermore, “we are now close to the elections of 24 December, a crucial appointment for Libyan citizens and for the future of democracy in the country. I want to renew my appeal to all political actors for the elections to be free, fair, credible and inclusive. Only in this way will Libyan institutions be solid and democratically legitimized. This will facilitate the completion of the process of withdrawing foreign mercenaries and fighters ”.


Natural resources
«The common natural resources of the Mediterranean countries make a shared energy policy desirable – reaffirms Mario Draghi-. First of all, to encourage the development of renewables, starting with wind and solar power. The prospects offered by green hydrogen are also fundamental. In the meantime, we must continue to capitalize on gas resources, of which the Mediterranean has ample reserves, as a source of transition in the medium term. And plan the development of the next few years together, in the green and digital transition ». An example are the ports. «With the National Recovery and Resilience Plan we invest in logistics, to make our ports more sustainable from an environmental point of view and reduce energy consumption. We improve the digital services of the airports to make them more efficient and better integrated into the infrastructural system. We want to increase inter-Mediterranean as well as ocean connections. To reduce bottlenecks and promote economic exchanges. And to increase employment, a challenge common to the entire Mediterranean area, especially for the youngest », explains Draghi.

«In the Persian Gulf, after years of polarization, we are witnessing with interest new cooperative dynamics. As Italy we have invested heavily in the opportunities in this sense offered by Expo Dubai. We maintain a demanding but constructive dialogue with Iran, including with regard to nuclear non-proliferation. Our engagement in Iraq is relevant. We are contributing to the process of gradual expansion of the NATO mission, of which we will assume command for a year starting next May ”, said the prime minister.

“As for Israel, we are looking carefully at the normalization process of its relations with the Arab world. The recent crises in Gaza demonstrate, once again, the need to restart international efforts in favor of the peace process. A path that must lead to a viable, just and directly negotiated two-state solution between the parties involved ”, underlines the prime minister.

Maghreb e Sahel
“Italy is also heavily involved in the rest of the Maghreb. We continue to support the need for closer collaboration between all the countries in the area, to create favorable conditions for development and stability. We are close to Tunisia, as evidenced by the sending of vaccines to tackle the pandemic. We are confident that the country will overcome the current state of emergency and face economic and social emergencies. It must identify a clear and shared political path that, after the appointment of the new government, can make the institutions function again, starting with Parliament », Draghi points out. “Italy is also involved in the Sahel, where we have significantly increased our presence and where we participate in various missions within the EU and the United Nations. In the Near East, we welcomed the recent formation of the government in Lebanon, which faces many challenges. It is only the first step to get out of the serious crisis of recent years. We continue to ensure our commitment on this path, on a bilateral and multilateral level, starting with the Unifil mission », remarked the premier.

Control room

Today the premier gathers the control room on the maneuver at Palazzo Chigi, in view of the discussion in the Council of Ministers on the amendment to the budget law on tax cuts. At issue is the use of the 2 billion “surplus” in 2022, to be allocated to the fall in bills and to a reduction of contributions for lower income from work. The majority heads of delegation and the economic leaders of the parties take part in the meeting, which began a few minutes ago, with the Economy Minister Daniele Franco. There are for the M5s Stefano Patuanelli and the deputy minister Laura Castelli, for the Lega Giancarlo Giorgetti and the senator Alberto Bagnai, for Leu Roberto Speranza and the undersecretary Maria Cecilia Guerra, for the Pd Andrea Orlando and the economic manager Dem Antonio Misiani, for Iv Elena Bonetti and the president of the finance commission Luigi Marattin, for FI Mariastella Gelmini and the undersecretary Gilberto Pichetto Fratin.

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