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Drake, on a TransMilenio ride in Bogotá?

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Drake, on a TransMilenio ride in Bogotá?

Drake, on a TransMilenio ride in Bogotá?

There is great expectation in Bogotá with what will be the Estéreo Picnic and one of the artists who is already in the Capital of the Republic is Drake, renowned Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter. But what caught my attention the most is that in one of his stories He uploaded a photo inside a Transmilenio car, something that caused a lot of grace on social networks.

Although this type of artist moves under escort and in tinted vehicles so as not to attract the attention of fans, apparently Drake had no problem getting out and taking a ride around Bogotá on the city’s mass transit system.

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On your Instagram account ‘ChampagnePapi’, He uploaded a photograph of the traditional red seats of the Transmilenio, in which you can see the Invías ad: “How do I drive? Dial Free 767 Option 3”. However, what perhaps caught the attention of the artist was the traditional Nike logo present on the bussomething that is common in some cars that are personalized and decorated to suit the driver.

It is worth remembering that Drake is one of the artists of different genres that will perform at the Estéreo Picnic music festival to be held in Bogotá from March 23 to 26, 2023.

Drake riding the Transmilenio

Drake, the artist of the moment

In his carrer, Drake has achieved several records, in which it has been a worldwide trend for several consecutive seasons. Although he knows that he has a lot of competition in hip hop and rap, he also takes into account that for this he must create authentic ideas that challenge his opponents as artists.

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For the singer, composing goes beyond just being someone well-known, “I make my music strictly for the purpose of listening to it while driving at night”however, values ​​the numbers that it has maintained for several years, since, thanks to that, Spotify ranks it as one of the most listened to.

After not living a stable childhood, he confesses that when he found out that his parents were getting divorced, he had to become an adult at a very young age and take this situation to another state, since it should be the backbone of his mother who was left alone.

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However, this was never a problem for him, since He currently has more than 133 million followers between his official Twitter and Instagram accounts. It should be noted that his first steps were when he had the opportunity to be one of the protagonists of a television series called Degrassi: The Next Generation in which he acted as a young Afro-descendant in a wheelchair.

In 2016, he reached fourth place in the Forbes ranking of the most paid hip hop singers in the world.as he also managed to be the most listened to artist on the Spotify platform, along with Rihanna and not to be a little, he was not the fourth in all of history to win 100 songs in the American rankings, which have been achieved by artists of the stature from Lil Wayne, Elvis Presley and others.

With one of his first singles titled “Best I Ever Had” in 2009, Drake has not stopped appearing in the ranking Billboard 100 Hot. His song “One Dance” had a billion views.

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