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Draw the power of rejuvenation from the exploration of the source of Chinese civilization – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Draw the power of rejuvenation from the exploration of the origin of Chinese civilization

——View sharing from the reading group of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Guangming Daily reporter Yu Haiping

In the Neolithic Age, the regional culture of “starry sky” and “double-petaled flowers” based on farming, why did the moon star scarce in the end, and only the Erlitou culture thriving?

What is civilization? What are the hallmarks of civilization? What is the relationship and difference between civilization and culture? How to define the relationship between the origin and flow of civilization? What is the relationship between the creation and development of civilization and human evolution and development?

Is Chinese civilization “one body” or “plurality”? What is the symbol of the formation of Chinese civilized society? What is the difference and connection between civilization and state? The origin and formation of the early Chinese nation and how is it related to the “Great Central Plains”?

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China recently conducted the 39th collective study on deepening the exploration of the origin of Chinese civilization. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the in-depth study of the history of Chinese civilization when presiding over the study, and promoted the whole party and the whole society to enhance historical consciousness and strengthen cultural self-confidence .

Before and after, a discussion on the traceability of civilization was launched in the online academy of CPPCC members. More than 50 committee members and experts conducted more than 10 online focused discussions on these topics, and exchanged speeches totaling more than 200,000 words. By tracing the origin of Chinese civilization, the research on the history of Chinese civilization has been in-depth, and it has also inspired the cultural power of the new era. .

 The “great unification” tradition is the fundamental guarantee for the “long-term and great” Chinese civilization

In the long historical process, with the determination and will of self-improvement, the Chinese nation has gone through a development process different from that of other civilizations in the world.

In this process, why does the Chinese civilization have a long history, extensive and profound energy, and maintain a good continuity and inclusiveness? The committee members believed that the “great unification” tradition of “six contracts, one family from all over the world” is the fundamental guarantee for the “long-term and great” Chinese civilization. “Unification” has become one of the key words in this discussion.

“‘Great Unification’ is a geographical concept, but also a cultural concept; it is not only a concept of political system, but also a concept of political morality. Only when the political power is determined as one, can the so-called ‘China‘. The so-called ‘Chinese civilization’.” Li Yonggang, Director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Teaching and Research Section of the Chinese Culture Teaching and Research Department of the Central Institute of Socialism, believes that it is precisely based on the “great unification” tradition that China has formed an amazing and super-large-scale community in its long history. People’s strong sense of family and country and the concept of the world have become an important psychological basis for consolidating the consciousness of the Chinese nation’s community and promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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China has a vast territory and diverse environments, and they constantly exchange and integrate with each other. About 6,000 years ago, a “one body” pattern was officially formed, which was called “early Chinese cultural circle”, and later generations developed into “cultural China“. According to Han Jianye, a professor at the Department of Archaeology, Culture and Museology, School of History, Renmin University of China, “cultural China” is an important foundation for “political China” to yearn for unity when it is divided, and to maintain unity when it is united. Chinese civilization is different from the “city-state civilization” in West Asia and Greece, and is different from the Egyptian civilization with a high degree of cultural homogeneity. “It also contains a variety of possibilities for development and changes. It not only continues the mainstream tradition for a long time, but also is open and inclusive. It is an ultra-stable giant cultural structure.

“This kind of ‘one yuan’ cosmology and ‘multiple branches in one’ pattern is the fundamental way for Chinese civilization to survive in the world, and it is also the foundation of the great rejuvenation of Chinese civilization.” Han Jianye said.

Ye Xiaowen, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference on Culture, History and Learning, and deputy head of the reading activity steering group, also agreed that “great unification” is a main thread that runs through China‘s historical and political pattern, ideology and culture. The internal driving force of China, a super-large-scale civilized country, is also an important link to maintain the sense of community of the Chinese nation.

Culturally eclectic, economically interdependent, emotionally close, and blood-related, they have created, maintained, and consolidated the basic pattern of the Chinese nation’s “one-diverse (or multi-branch) unity”. Ye Xiaowen believes that no matter how intertwined, displaced, and multi-source currents flow, they will eventually merge into a “Chinese nation” that is unified into one. The largest concentric circles can be drawn, and the great unity of Chinese sons and daughters will be forever maintained.”

Establish a disciplinary system, academic system, and discourse system of civilization research with Chinese characteristics and Chinese style

It is necessary to establish a civilization research discipline system, academic system, and discourse system with Chinese characteristics and Chinese style, so as to provide strong theoretical support for the practice of new forms of human civilization.

In this discussion, more than 50 committee members and experts from related fields such as archaeology and history, humanities and natural sciences answered the basics of the origin, formation and development of Chinese civilization in a multi-disciplinary, multi-angle, multi-level and comprehensive manner. Major issues such as the picture, the internal mechanism, and the evolution path of each regional civilization.

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How to use the latest technologies in cutting-edge disciplines such as biology, molecular biology, chemistry, and physics to analyze the ancient remains of our country and expand our understanding of the history of Chinese civilization for more than 5,000 years? Zhang Fuming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, chairman of the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the People’s Republic of China, and deputy governor of the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government, believes that the traceability of civilization should be combined with archaeological evidence and scientific analysis methods, from settlement and settlement patterns, agricultural tools and farming methods, land use, calendar In terms of solar terms, domestication of seeds, domestication of wild animals and livestock breeding, it will be more convincing and international influence to reveal the origin, evolution and spatial diffusion pattern of Chinese civilization more deeply.

After the continuous efforts of several generations of scholars, the research results of major projects such as the Chinese Civilization Origin Project have further outlined and depicted the magnificent picture of the origin, formation and development of Chinese civilization with new scientific methods, and have confirmed the millions of years of human history in our country. Ten thousand years of cultural history, five thousand years of civilization history. Wang Wei, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and director of the Department of History, introduced some of the research results of the 20-year-old project. In one aspect, production develops and population increases, and cities appear; social division of labor and social differentiation continue to intensify, and classes appear; power continues to strengthen, and kingship and state appear—with the emergence of the state as a sign of entering a civilized society.

Not only “exploring the source”, but also “watching the flow”. Li Shoukui, a professor of the Department of Chinese at the School of Humanities of Tsinghua University, pointed out that once the Chinese civilization was born, it had an incomparably powerful vitality. We attach importance to the cultural core of the Chinese civilization, as well as the technical conditions for its spread. “The study of Chinese characters is part of the study of Chinese civilization. There is an urgent need to establish China‘s own discourse power and system for Chinese character research.”

  Draw forward strength from the source of Chinese civilization

More than 100 years ago, the “first shovel” of modern archaeology was established in Yangshao Village, and the majestic journey of Chinese ancestors overcoming thorns and thorns to the center of the civilization stage in the vast land of China has become more and more clearly laid out.

The Chinese civilization is an open system formed through continuous exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations. From the historical spread of Buddhism to the east, “Confucianism and Confucianism”, to the “East spread of Western learning” in modern times, the introduction of new culture movement, Marxism and socialist ideas into China, to the all-round opening to the outside world since the reform and opening up, China Civilization has always been eclectic and enduring.

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Philosopher Feng Youlan once wrote in the inscription on the monument of Southwest United University: “The great powers of the world are new but not ancient; Greece and Rome are ancient but not present. But our country is ancient and modern, both new and old. “Although Zhou is an old state, its life is renewed.”

Li Yonggang explained that the so-called “eternal and modern, both new and old” means that the Chinese civilization has changes and constants, and the new and the old continue. From the sky full of stars to the moon with few stars, “this change itself also reflects the deepening of exchanges and integration between early cultures in various places, and shows the tolerance and absorption capacity of Chinese civilization.”

From trickling streams to the confluence of rivers, civilizations in various regions thrive, influence each other, and move forward hand in hand. Wang Zhenzhong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and deputy director of the Department of History, believes that our research on the spiritual characteristics and development patterns of the source stage of Chinese civilization is important for clarifying the profound cultural heritage and unique spiritual signs of China‘s path, and for starting from civilization. It is very beneficial for the construction of contemporary culture to draw the power of cultural confidence from the source.

The excellent traditional Chinese culture also provides fertile soil for deliberative democracy. Zhang Lianqi, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice-chairman of the China Taxation Society, said that the early Chinese civilization had the form of sages ruling the country and deliberative democracy. It provides the root discourse system for civilization competition and institutional competition.

In order for the world to understand China, we must understand ourselves first. Yang Chaoming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and director of the Confucius Institute of China, said, “To talk about cultural self-confidence, we must start with cultural self-knowledge.” Understanding the length of Chinese civilization is to understand the height of Chinese civilization and the breadth of Chinese civilization. Understand the depth of Chinese civilization, lead the study of Chinese civilization in depth, and get out of the era of blind suspicion of ancient times.

“Guangming Daily” (July 18, 2022 03 edition)

责编:陈畅 ]

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