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DRC: 28 boats will deploy electoral materials inside the country – Capsud.net

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DRC: 28 boats will deploy electoral materials inside the country – Capsud.net

This Friday, the president of the CENI concluded the training of aircrews who must transport electoral materials across the national territory in preparation for the elections of December 20, 2023. It was in Majestic River that this event took place.

Denis Kadima Kazadi took the opportunity to hand over the certificates to those trained. In his tenuous speech on this occasion, the head of the Electoral Center expressed himself in these terms:

« This is a great moment in the electoral process which is part of the logistics that we are deploying in our country, which is very vast and has a fairly rugged terrain, with rivers in various places making transport personnel and equipment not very easy. After acquiring the equipment, the training had to be organized and I am particularly pleased to see that it went very well. I attended the demonstration which followed through the operation of the boats, noting that all the people trained were visibly up to their task. Important step, given that we have already started the deployment of the equipment and with this additional acquisition coupled with the training of staff, we are confident that the equipment will arrive safely and in time so that we can hold the elections as we we promised within the constitutional deadline. I thank all those who contributed to it, starting with the government for having made available to us the substantial means to equip us with these floating devices and those who facilitated this training and our collaborators who each played their part so that we achieved there. We are well on the way to elections“, reassured Denis Kadima.

Note that the CENI acquired 28 boats including 9 large catamaran-type boats and 19 walhy (solid and reliable) acquired from Congo Marine which also provided training, with a view to strengthening the equipment deployment capabilities electoral throughout the country and more particularly in areas of difficult access.

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