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Dreaming of corsairs, Livorno and its sea in the Alinari – Tuscany shots

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Dreaming of corsairs, Livorno and its sea in the Alinari – Tuscany shots

Tale along a century, between the 1800s and 1900s

(ANSA) – LIVORNO, JUNE 24 – Livorno and its sea told through the precious photographs of the Alinari Archives. It is ‘Dreaming of Corsairs’, the exhibition hosted from 30 June to 8 October in the Museum of the City of Livorno, Polo Culturale dei Bottini dell’Olio: promoted and organized by the Municipality, the exhibition is curated by the Alinari Foundation for Photography with Rita Scartoni, and has the patronage of the Tuscany Region together with the municipal administration of Livorno.

The link between the city of the 4 Moors and its sea is told through a century, between the 1800s and 1900s, of photographers and photographs. Starting from the daguerreotype of the Dogana D’Acqua attributed to Aristide Castelli of 1845, Livorno welcomes the invention of photography precociously: already in 1843 Giuseppe Marzocchini opened the first photographic studio in Tuscany in Livorno. On display are photos of bathing establishments and bathers, storm surges, various ships, divers and other trades related to the sea, in the shots of photographers (or entire dynasties of photographers) from Livorno. Among them Bettini and Miniati, it is explained, “will not leave photography enthusiasts indifferent and will surprise visitors with their charm who will see their images for the first time. The hand-colored slides by the Florentine scientist Giorgio Roster during his stays at the Elba Island in the second half of the 19th century, as always on Elba, other amateur photographs of summer holidays dating back to the 1920s and 1930s were taken”. As for the title, it refers “to the 1958 photo by Michele Vestrini which depicts a child from behind, seated on a shoulder of the Mascagni Terrace; in front of him, in the vastness of the open sea, the famous ship ‘Vespucci” under full sail. Or perhaps, the corsairs?”. (ANSA).

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