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Dreier Landtag, large predators will also be discussed – Trentino AA/S

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Dreier Landtag, large predators will also be discussed – Trentino AA/S

21 motions admitted for the June session in Riva del Garda

(ANSA) – BOLZANO, APRIL 20 – The question of large predators has also entered the debate between the members of the interregional commission of the “Dreier Landtag”, meeting this morning in Trento. Among the other topics addressed, cross-border traffic management, coordination between the civil protection structures of the three territories, policies for young people, culture and knowledge of local history. The interregional commission, charged with preparing the next joint meeting of the provincial councils of Bolzano and Trento and of the Diet of Tyrol, met to draw up the agenda for the meeting of 14 and 15 June in Riva del Garda.

The session began with the report by the president of the EGTC, Maurizio Fugatti, on the state of implementation of the resolutions approved in the joint session in Alpbach in 2021.

Fugatti recalled that the motto that accompanies the two-year presidency of Trentino is “The Euregio is young”, materialized in various initiatives for schools, summer camps, festivals and a study dedicated to the youth world. Among other things, in the cultural field, he mentioned the opening of the space dedicated to Andreas Hofer in Mantua and the design of a Hofer itinerary on the three territories of the Euregio, as well as the networking of museums and the proposal to create a digital platform of history, to highlight common and different elements of the three territories.

On 26 April next, Fugatti again informed, the first specialized council of the Euregio will be held in Trento, with the signing of a draft of the collaboration agreement in the civil protection sector; it is also intended to promote a council specialized in health.

The commission then examined the motion proposals received from the members of the three assemblies: twenty-one were admitted. (HANDLE).

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