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Driving chaos in the Marca: 4,500 backward driving exams

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TREVISO. Patent chaos in the Marca. For the purposes of lockdown, of the red and orange areas and the pandemic was added on retirement of 11 examiners under the Treviso Civil Motorization in the last 18 months.

The result was devastating. A mountain of overdue driving exams: no less than 4,500, all accumulated in the last 13 months. Cars, motorbikes, mopeds: all stopped and queued, waiting for a date to be released. For months and months.

The case of the Marca, and of other cities in the Veneto region, could now also land in Parliament: Italia Viva announces one question to the Minister of Transport with the Vicenza senator Daniela Sbrollini. Meanwhile, he denounces the “very serious situation” of the civilian motorizations of the Veneto, especially in Treviso, Vicenza and Verona.

The situation in our province is well illustrated by Annalisa Ferrarini, Unasca provincial secretary, trade association that brings together most of the brand’s driving schools, about sixty, with over 110 locations. «The theory exams, thanks to the agreement between the DMV and driving schools, continued almost regularly, after an initial stop. M those driving have accumulated in recent months: it has gone worse and worse ».

“Like a birth”

All flooded, to use a motoring expression, with thousands of girls and boys desperately waiting for the fateful document, not to mention who has to do it again after suspensions and withdrawals.

«It takes d6 to 9 months to take the driving test», Continues Ferrarini,« We could say that it is a birth, even worse than giving birth. On the part of the DMV there is the maximum availability towards us, even in the narrowness of the staff, but in May it will also be necessary to make up for the 200 missed exams during the red zone, therefore any benefit given by staff overtime will be effectively canceled. And how to start from scratch, every time ».

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And that’s not all, because ta cascadeThey also carry out reviews, tests and other tests to be supported in the provincial office in via Santa Barbara, behind the Stiore.

«The situation is very serious, from the point of view of the efficiency of the system, we have this surplus of people waiting for the driving test “, continues the Unasca di Marca secretary,” The small driving schools have now reached 60-80 candidates waiting, the largest ones even reach 150-200, some even up to 250 ».

A solution was proposed by the driving schools themselves: “We asked the DMV for the possibility of requesting retired examiners, on a voluntary basis at least: there was an opening, but the ministry needs to give certainty about their employment and classification”.

The cap

The latest alarm, on the short and medium-term effects, is being raised by Ferrarini. “Attention, the delay has reached such a point that it risks having serious consequences, with economic and safety consequences for candidates and their families, but also to clog our branches and the same offices of the Motorization “, concludes Ferrarini,” These very long waits risk losing the skills acquired in the guides supported with our instructors , with the concrete danger that many will have to start over or almost all over again: the same progression of driving training is affected ».

In short, Unasca fears a damage also to the same road education and safety: “We must give continuity”, the provincial secretary reiterates, “otherwise the examination could increase the failures, which would paradoxically increase the arrears in the future”.

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