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Drugs, 8 quintals of marijuana seized in Gallura: two arrests

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The operation of the Guardia di Finanza of Livorno

OLBIA. Anti-drug blitz by the Guardia di Finanza of Livorno in Sardinia: two men are arrested for trafficking in marjiuana with the seizure of over 8 quintals of narcotic substance. The operation started following the moves of a Sardinian citizen who was arrested in the port of Livorno on 25 May last: he was transporting 20 kilos of marijuana inflorescences with Thc levels above the permitted limits in a car. The man after the arrest had received the precautionary measure of the obligation to stay in Olbia in order to carry out his work. But the searches in the localities identified by the Livorno yellow flames, coordinated by the prosecutor’s office, confirmed that the arrest would have been only part of an interregional drug trafficking. This is how in Telti (Sassari), in the Gallura countryside, the financiers of the Operational Unit of the Livorno Group and their Sardinian colleagues found and seized, inside two isolated warehouses, owned by the other arrested, 857 kilos of inflorescences. of marijuana hidden inside plastic barrels, bags, bags of cereals – even already packaged for sale – as well as equipment suitable for cleaning and packaging the inflorescences. Once it was confirmed that the percentage of Thc of this huge quantity of narcotic substance was well above the legal limits, the yellow flames of Livorno seized the marijuana and arrested the two men who were transferred to the Bancali prison. (HANDLE)

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