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Due to or thanks to the earthquake of September 8, 2023, the whole world learned who God had gathered us around.

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Muhammad Enfi
Many countries knew that in our neighborhood there was the largest concentration of stupid, ignorant, and psychologically and mentally ill people. This knowledge (or discovery) was aided by technological and digital development, which made it possible for those who follow social networking sites to discover the psychology and personality of individuals and societies. He also became able to learn about the reality of countries and the nature of their political systems. Social media networks provide the ability to explore the secrets of people, countries and societies, and provide opportunities to learn about the social, psychological, political, sports, legal, cultural and intellectual situation…in a country, without the need to visit that country or search for information about it in books. This is what makes the observer able to pass judgment on people either as being normal, or as being demented, mentally retarded (stupid), or psychologically and mentally ill, and other disabilities. He can also judge the public and private conditions in the country in question, even if roughly, through what he sees, hears or reads.
The earthquake that struck Morocco in recent days made the whole world aware of whom God has placed us in the neighborhood with, and became certain of the moral, intellectual, cultural, and even political and diplomatic decline of this afflicted neighborhood. On the other hand, the world discovered the precious metal of the Moroccans, their state and their people. The world was impressed by the good management and speed in the intervention of the state and its institutions, and was also impressed by the generosity and morals of the Moroccan people, who provided an eloquent lesson in solidarity, synergy, and altruism.
On the same occasion, the world realized how malicious the neighbors were and how low their morals were. How could it not be, when Algeria had been transformed during the reign of Abdelmadjid Tebboune into an open prison and into the largest bimaristan for the psychologically and mentally ill who were ignorant of their medical condition due to their lack of awareness and the lack of intentional care and care for them? This is because their ignorance, arrogance and lack of awareness serve the interests of the military regime that is preying on the Algerian people who are deprived of the most basic rights, including the minimum conditions for a decent life. The endless queues for the most basic food items and the lack of drinking water even in the major cities are evidence of the regime’s complete failure, and all that remains for it is its hostility towards Morocco to divert the people’s attention from its real problems.
It should be noted that the disabilities that we summarized in the first sentence of this article do not only concern marginalized people and psychologically, socially and culturally vulnerable groups, as some might imagine; Rather, it applies to the regime with all its civilian and military components, and its political, media, cultural, and sports elites. We can be certain that all of these people suffer, to a greater or lesser extent, from these disabilities, starting with the highest hierarchy of power, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Kadboun (even if he is just a puppet in the hands of the military), and the Chief of Staff, Saeed Chengriha (the de facto ruler of Algeria), Passing through the members of the government, parliament, political parties, and the rest of the state institutions (bypassing, as Algeria currently has no components of the state except the form), including the religious institution, all the way to the dirty electronic flies, the ingenious, and the deceived people of the Algerian people.
Our goal, here, is not to attack either institutions or individuals, but rather to present a picture of the reality of the situation in the country of “living martyrs” from humans (in Algeria, martyrs are invited to official gatherings and called upon to stand so that those present can see them) and from birds, trees, and stones. We want to provide realistic evidence and arguments that there are real defects that erode the body of institutions and calcify the brains of people. We do this (as do others, including Algerians who are jealous of their country and are working hard to lift the blinders from the eyes and insight of their citizens) in the hope that people will pay attention to their conditions and work on themselves to get out of this sick state caused by the sanitation media in their country and the regime’s insistence on creating crises. With its western neighbor to cover up its failure. To understand this fact, the reality of the corruption of institutions and brains, it is sufficient to take some examples of the types of psychological and mental disabilities, including dementia and dementia.
We have previously written several articles about stupidity and psychological complexes in Algeria. Abdel Majeed Kadboun, Shankariha, the media and cultural elites, and others had a remarkable presence as examples supporting our proposition. The President of the Republic, who rants about what he does not know and utters words that are difficult for anyone with a shred of intelligence to accept, provides a living example of his stupidity and ignorance of history and diplomatic norms. Which makes his statements during his visits abroad a source of ridicule. But the greatest farce was the speech he delivered at the United Nations General Assembly, in which he confirmed to the world that he was the stupidest of fools. We take from this word one example that was followed by riders and became on every tongue. He declared from the United Nations podium, without shame or fear, that Algeria has a program to desalinate seawater by the end of 2024, when Algeria will reach a production of one billion and three hundred million cubic meters per day, while everyone knows that the total number of desalination plants in the world (about 16,000 stations operating in 177 countries) produce only 95 million cubic meters per day.
Does this man have any sense? He made Algeria a global mockery. How could it not be, when a presidential advisor was around him, telling, with complete confidence as a witness, about the jihad of a stork who was arrested, tried, and imprisoned by the French colonialists until he was martyred in prison. Isn’t this clear evidence of the stupidity of the regime and its elites? Isn’t this conviction reinforced by Shangriha’s antics and the acrobatic statements of some ministers, some governors, and party leaders? These are all statements that reveal the emptiness, intellectual weakness, and complex ignorance of these elites. Therefore, they do not only harm themselves; Rather, they insult the institutions they represent.
The Algerian regime has succeeded in forming an elite of demons, whose job is to applaud and applaud its follies and strive to transform its setbacks into successes. He also succeeded in sowing malice, hatred, and hostility towards Morocco and Moroccans. Which enabled him to fool and mislead many Algerians, to the point that some of them lost the ability to logically connect mental processes, so they no longer understood what was said and were unable to think. The most striking example of this matter is what comes from human hyenas (if we accept their humanism, as some of them went so far as to say that Algerians are older than Adam). Such nonsense and delirium would not have been launched if the identity crisis had not been rooted in the country and the complex of history was rampant in it. The idiot who launched this missile revealing a bundle of psychological complexes and exuding ignorance and folly has surpassed the arrogance of historians who claimed that Algeria is more than four million years old.
In summary, how can Algeria not be a collection of stupid, ignorant, and psychologically complex people, when its rulers give evidence after evidence that they are truly stupid and ignorant and that they suffer from two dangerous psychological complexes, namely the Moroccan complex and the history complex. The military regime succeeded in implanting these two complexes in the psyche of the creative people and elites.
If the Algerian regime had rational people and people who followed logic, the Algerian Ministry of Defense would not have issued that stupid report about the heinous crime committed by the Coast Guard against young Moroccans residing in France who were spending their vacation on Saidia Beach. If the regime had not been stupid, the Presidency of the Algerian Republic and its Minister of Foreign Affairs would not have issued a trivial statement to each of them about opening the skies for flights to transport aid to Morocco after the devastating earthquake that struck our country. What airline are they talking about when the skies are closed only to Moroccan aviation? What aid are the two aforementioned reports talking about?
Since Algeria, following the example of France or by order of it, established the world and did not stop it because of what it considered a refusal to help it, we may devote an article to this topic in the future. Before that, we wonder what kind of assistance (or assistance) can Algeria provide? In the rescue, we know that she could not even have a plane to extinguish the fires, but rather had crews to search under the rubble. As for in-kind assistance, what can it provide, while it is suffering from a crisis of lentils, cowpeas, oil, milk, and other basic food items?
Meknes on September 24, 2023

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