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Due to smuggling proceedings: Pirna district court at its limit

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Due to smuggling proceedings: Pirna district court at its limit

The enormous increase in illegal entries detected has pushed the Pirna district court to its limits. The court said that four to ten proceedings against suspected smugglers would have taken place per month until May 2023. In June 2023 the number of cases rose massively. Investigating judges ordered 170 smugglers to be remanded in custody from June to October alone.

Due to the high number of illegal entries, the federal government introduced fixed border controls at the borders with the Czech Republic and Poland in October 2023. As a result, according to the Saxon Ministry of the Interior, there was a significant decrease from 7,500 illegal smuggling cases in September to just 800 in November.

Hardly any time for other crimes

The director of the Pirna district court, Alexander Klerch, said that there was hardly any time for other criminal cases because of the smuggling proceedings. The employees are exhausted and the six-month period between detention and trial can no longer be consistently adhered to. There are hardly any free negotiation dates left and there are also no rooms available. Sometimes negotiations take place in the library.

Often more than ten locks per vehicle

According to the court, the number of people being trafficked per vehicle has also increased significantly; over ten people per van, SUV or in the back of a van have become the norm, the authority said. More and more Ukrainians and Syrians acted as smugglers.

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