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During the college entrance examination, vehicles sent to Beijing can enjoy these “benefits”_News Channel_China Youth Network

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The reporter learned from the Beijing Public Security Traffic Management Bureau that the 2023 general college admissions examination in Beijing will be held from June 7 to 10 (Wednesday to Saturday), and 65,000 candidates in Beijing will take the exam. It is expected that there will be concentrated traffic around the test sites before and after the test. There are many test sites in Xicheng, Dongcheng, and Haidian, and there are more test takers in the outer suburbs. The Beijing traffic management department has formulated individualized guidance plans for each test site, deployed special maintenance posts, launched a high-level attendance plan during the test period, opened up temporary parking areas, and put all the cavalry traffic police on duty. The road traffic is smooth.

  close4000 temporary parking spacesFree parking for test vehicles

In the 2023 college entrance examination, Beijing will set up a total of 99 test sites, each in 18 test areas. The Beijing Public Security Traffic Control Department surveyed the traffic conditions around the test sites in advance, improved traffic facilities, and expanded parking resources. Up to now, a total of 55 temporary parking lots have been added, and 3,929 new temporary parking spaces have been added. The college entrance examination vehicles with admission cards can use these parking spaces for free. park.

  During the 800 Iron Cavalry Traffic Police Examination, add a helmet to each vehicle

During the college entrance examination, the Beijing traffic control department will launch a high-level on-duty plan to increase police deployment and post settings around the campus and in bridge areas, intersections, and road sections with heavy traffic. . Strengthen the command and guidance of social vehicles at important intersections and road sections around the campus, strengthen the parking guidance of vehicles sending for examinations, and improve the efficiency of passing vehicles for examinations. At the same time, all 800 cavalry traffic policemen are on the road to strengthen traffic emergency protection work. All cavalry policemen carry an extra helmet to make full preparations for possible emergency examinations. During the exam, the traffic control department will strengthen video inspections and police car patrols, and strengthen the 122 alarm station personnel on duty. In addition, the traffic management department will set up a nursing test team. In case of candidates seeking help urgently, they will provide timely help according to the specific situation.

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  Vehicles sent for the test are not restricted by the tail number restriction

During the college entrance examination period (June 7th to 10th), the Beijing public security traffic control department will not impose on-site penalties for minor violations of the vehicles holding the college entrance examination admission card; This year’s college entrance examination admission ticket will be explained, and the police will release it after verification; if the vehicle picking up and dropping off candidates is recorded off-site in violation of the tail number restriction, the party concerned can take this year’s college entrance examination admission ticket to the nearest law enforcement station window to explain the situation. Department will be abolished.

(CCTV reporter Zhao Xuerong)

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