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During the heavy rainfall in Shanxi, more than 50,000 people were transferred and 166 scenic spots were closed

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Source: China News Network

China News Service, Taiyuan, October 8 (Wu Qiong) From October 2 to 7, large-scale rainfall occurred in many parts of Shanxi, and some areas suffered severe rain and waterlogging disasters. The reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Department on the 8th that a total of 54947 people were transferred from various parts of Shanxi during the flood, 60 coal mines, 372 non-coal mines, 14 hazardous chemical enterprises were suspended, 1,035 construction projects were suspended, and 166 scenic spots were closed. .

It is understood that on the 4th, the Shanxi Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters launched a provincial level IV emergency response for flood control. According to changes in flood conditions, it was promptly upgraded to level III. Shanxi emergency response, water conservancy, natural resources, housing construction and other departments sent multiple working groups to various places. Check and guide flood prevention work. On the 5th, several geological disasters such as collapses and landslides occurred successively in Jinzhong, Luliang, and Linfen, causing casualties. According to regulations, Shanxi has successively initiated the provincial level III emergency response to geological disasters and the provincial level III emergency response of natural disaster relief.

Affected by strong rainfall and upstream water, many rivers in Shanxi, including Fenhe, Qinhe, Zhuozhang and other rivers, experienced flooding processes and dangerous situations. Measures to evacuate people, ensure the safety of important facilities and nearby villages, and prevent secondary disasters.

In response to the disaster, Shanxi Provincial Department of Emergency Management and Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance urgently arranged to allocate 20 million yuan in provincial disaster relief funds to support disaster relief work such as the transfer and resettlement of disaster-stricken people in severely affected areas, and the restoration and reconstruction of damaged houses. The Emergency Management Department of Shanxi Province and the Food and Reserve Bureau of Shanxi Province allocated cotton tents, quilts, cotton coats and other disaster relief materials to support the disaster-stricken areas and do a good job in disaster relief.

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In addition, in the case of large-scale heavy rainfall affecting production in the province, all departments and units at all levels have strengthened inspection management and on-duty duty, and strengthened supervision and inspection and investigation of hidden dangers. During the National Day, Shanxi sent a total of 15,673 inspection teams, dispatched 36457 inspectors, and inspected 32,523 production and business units. Among them, the Emergency Management Department of Shanxi Province has set up 10 inspection teams to supervise and inspect the mines, hazardous chemicals, metallurgical industry and trade enterprises directly under supervision. (over)


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