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During the NPC and CPPCC, the epidemic broke out, and the long queues at the hospital did not dare to mention the “new crown” (Video) | Two sessions | Epidemic | Outbreak | Hospital | Long queues |

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During the NPC and CPPCC, the epidemic broke out, and the long queues at the hospital did not dare to mention the “new crown” (Video) | Two sessions | Epidemic | Outbreak | Hospital | Long queues |

[Voice of Hope, March 5, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Fu Ming) On March 5th, the second day after the two sessions of the CCP, a piece of news about the “A virus” topped the Weibo hot search list. The CCP virus outbreak broke out again. Dare to mention the “new crown” (CCP virus), but the people know it well: “Take a new crown box and test it yourself. Who told us that we have won the fight against the new crown epidemic?!”

On March 5, the news on the CCP’s CCTV website, “Patients with mild influenza A can heal themselves in about a week” topped the Weibo list. According to the report, influenza A usually occurs in winter and spring, and the incubation period usually ranges from 1 to 3 days. Wearing masks, gathering less, ventilating frequently, and washing hands frequently can effectively prevent influenza A. Mild cases can usually recover on their own within one week after onset. After symptoms appear, it is recommended to rest at home, drink plenty of water, and ensure adequate ventilation in the room.

Netizens ridiculed: Why are the incubation period, prevention methods, disease process, and symptoms the same as the “new crown”? And the nucleic acid tests were all positive.

Students in Jiangsu reported: “But the nucleic acid test of this thing is also positive, and then you have to turn negative to go back to school.”

A netizen in Yunnan said: “It feels like influenza A and the new crown are the same. So, could this influenza A be just a new name for the new crown?”

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The analysis pointed out that now the official media does not mention nucleic acid testing, and the topic of “nucleic acid testing” is grayed out, and it is reminded that it violates relevant “laws, regulations and policies”, because the Chinese Communist Party has officially announced that the prevention and control of the epidemic has achieved ” A major decisive victory”, and mentioning “new crown” is “illegal”, so all of them have been changed to “A stream”.

According to reports from the CCP’s official media, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CCP held a meeting on February 16 to hear a report on the prevention and control of the new crown (CCP virus) epidemic. According to the report, over the past three years, the anti-epidemic journey has been extremely extraordinary. Since November 2022, we have continuously optimized and adjusted prevention and control measures, achieved major and decisive victories in epidemic prevention and control, and successfully emerged from the pandemic.

But mainland students reflect:

“According to our local teacher, those who were not infected with the new crown had severe symptoms, but the ones who were infected had no symptoms this time. The basic judgment is the second wave of the new crown. Influenza A is purely a rumor.”

Netizens said that this wave of the CCP virus epidemic is fierce, and adults and children are not spared:

“Recently, this #一流# is really fierce. The family members have been recruited one after another. First, the brother-in-law was infected and had a high fever for two days. At that time, in order to prevent the children and family members from being recruited, they did not go home. But the child does not know if it is in the kindergarten. I was infected, and I was also recruited. I had a fever for two days in a row. The highest temperature was 40 degrees, and the lowest temperature was about 38 degrees. I asked the doctor, and the doctor said that there was no specific medicine. I was also a little bit tricked, so I quickly took a piece of oseltamivir to prevent it.”

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Netizens said that children are seriously cross-infected at school:

“Wave after wave, 20 children in my daughter’s class had a fever.”

“Students in the unit class have fevers one after another, their throats are uncomfortable, and they don’t know if it is influenza A. Those who can’t bear it take leave and go home. Those who feel that they can bear it are sick and go to class. Maybe they are in high school. The children don’t want to Even if I wear a mask to give lectures, I can’t stop the delay in class. I am more than 22 weeks pregnant these days, and I also have low-grade fever and joint pain symptoms…”

A netizen at Beijing University of Science and Technology reported: “Recently, the number of people with colds and fevers in the school has increased more than usual… Take precautions.”

Beijing netizen: “Then I am mild or severe? I have a low fever every morning from the 28th to last night. I have been dizzy and coughing. I take antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs every day. Now I don’t have a fever and my throat is still not good. Coughing up phlegm.”

A netizen in Beijing reported: “On March 3, I had a fever in the middle of the night and queued up to see a doctor at Wangjing Hospital. The queue was very long.”

A video posted by a netizen shows that on March 1, there were more than 2,000 people queuing up at Tianjin Children’s Hospital (Longyan Campus) at two o’clock in the middle of the night, especially the large area of ​​children who became sick and felt worse than when they were infected with the new crown. The symptoms were vomiting and diarrhea and high fever frequently.

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(Please click the picture below to watch the video)

The video shows that in a certain place in mainland China, the CCP virus outbreak broke out again, and the hospital was crowded with people.

(Please click the picture below to watch the video)

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