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During the second collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping emphasized to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern and enhance the security initiative of development

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2023-02-01 15:48:33
Source: Xinhua Net


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 1st. On the afternoon of January 31st, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the second collective study on accelerating the construction of a new development pattern. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, emphasized when presiding over the study that accelerating the establishment of a new development pattern is a strategic decision based on the realization of the second centenary goal, overall development and security, and a strategic deployment to seize the initiative in future development. Only by accelerating the construction of a new development pattern can we consolidate the foundation of my country’s economic development, enhance the security and stability of development, and enhance our country’s viability, competitiveness, development power, and Sustainability to ensure that the great rejuvenation process of the Chinese nation will not be delayed or even interrupted, and the goal of building a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way will be successfully realized.

During the collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee studied by themselves and exchanged work experience. Comrades Yin Li, Liu Guozhong, He Lifeng, Zhang Guoqing, Chen Jining, and Huang Kunming made speeches based on their respective fields and local work, and everyone had an exchange.

Xi Jinping delivered an important speech while presiding over the study. He pointed out that in recent years, the establishment of a new development pattern has been solidly advanced, and some results have been achieved. The ideological consensus has been continuously consolidated, the working foundation has been continuously consolidated, and the policy system has been continuously improved. However, there is still a long way to go to fully build a new development pattern. We must adhere to the problem-oriented and systematic concept, focus on breaking down the main contradictions and problems that restrict the acceleration of the construction of a new development pattern, comprehensively deepen reforms, promote practical innovation and institutional innovation, and constantly promote advantages, make up for shortcomings, and strengthen weaknesses.

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Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to do a good job in coordinating the expansion of domestic demand and deepening supply-side structural reforms, forming a higher level of dynamic balance in which demand drives supply and supply creates demand, and realizes a virtuous cycle of the national economy. Resolutely implement the outline of the strategic plan for expanding domestic demand, form a complete domestic demand system as soon as possible, and focus on expanding consumption demand supported by income, investment demand with reasonable returns, and financial demand constrained by principal and debt. Establish and improve a long-term mechanism for expanding residents’ consumption, so that residents can consume with stable income, dare to consume without worries, and have a good consumption environment with a strong sense of gain and strong willingness to consume. Improve and expand the investment mechanism, expand effective investment space, moderately advance the deployment of new infrastructure construction, expand investment in high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, and continue to stimulate the vitality of private investment. Continue to deepen supply-side structural reforms, continue to promote technological innovation and system innovation, break through supply constraints, bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities, enhance the competitiveness and security of the industrial chain and supply chain, and adapt to the situation with independent, controllable, and high-quality supply. Meet existing needs and create new ones.

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to speed up the pace of self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology, and solve the problem of “stuck neck” in foreign countries. Improve the new national system, strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological strength, optimize the allocation of innovative resources, make my country a global leader in important scientific and technological fields, and a pioneer in cutting-edge cross-fields, and strive to become the world‘s major scientific center and innovation highland as soon as possible. Realize the effective linkage of the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country with talents, and the strategy of innovation-driven development, and adhere to the integrated promotion of educational development, technological innovation, and talent training to form a virtuous circle; adhere to the integrated design of original innovation, integrated innovation, and open innovation to achieve effective integration; persist in innovation Chain, industry chain, and talent chain are integrated to promote deep integration.

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Xi Jinping emphasized that the new development pattern is based on the modern industrial system, and the smooth economic cycle requires the orderly linking of various industries, efficient and smooth. We must continue to put the focus of economic development on the real economy, solidly promote new industrialization, accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, a quality power, a network power, and a digital China, and create an internationally competitive digital industrial cluster. In line with the general trend of industrial development, promote the supplementary chain of weak industries, the extension of advantageous industries, the upgrading of traditional industries, and the establishment of emerging industries, so as to enhance the continuity and competitiveness of industrial development. Optimize the layout of productivity, promote the orderly transfer of key industries at home and abroad, support enterprises in deeply participating in global industrial division and cooperation, promote the deep integration of internal and external industries, and create a modern industrial system that is independent, controllable, safe, reliable, and highly competitive.

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to comprehensively promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas and regions, and increase the coverage of the domestic cycle. Give full play to the important role of the countryside as a consumer market and factor market, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, promote urbanization with counties as important carriers, promote urban-rural integration, strengthen urban-rural economic ties, and smooth the urban-rural economic cycle. Prevent localities from engaging in self-circulation, eliminate regional barriers, and truly form a unified national market. Promote the in-depth integration of regional coordinated development strategies, major regional strategies, and main functional zone strategies, optimize the layout of major productive forces, promote the rational flow and efficient concentration of various elements, and smooth the domestic cycle.

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Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to further deepen reform and opening up, and enhance the power and vitality of the domestic and foreign cycles. Deepen the market-oriented reform of factors, build a high-standard market system, and accelerate the construction of a unified national market. Improve the basic systems of market economy such as property rights protection, market access, fair competition, and social credit, strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, regulate and guide the healthy development of capital in accordance with the law, create a good environment for various types of business entities to invest and start businesses, and stimulate various The vitality of the business entity. Promote high-level opening up to the outside world, steadily promote institutional opening up of rules, regulations, management, and standards, and strengthen the right to speak in the international cycle. Promote the high-quality development of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, actively participate in the negotiation of international economic and trade rules, promote the formation of an open, diverse and stable world economic order, and create conditions for the realization of the linkage and circulation of the two resources in the domestic and international markets.

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