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E-procurement: the public debate on technical rules resumes

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E-procurement: the public debate on technical rules resumes

Will be held Monday 20 March from 11 to 12.30 a public discussion on the definition of Technical rules for digital procurement platforms (e-procurement platforms) used by contracting authorities.

Lo draft decree reform of the Public Procurement Code, currently under discussion in the Chambers, provides for the drafting of the Technical Rules by AgID and a related certification process.

In this context, the Agency for Digital Italy intends to deal with all the subjects involved in the production, marketing and management of the platforms, in order to acquire useful elements for the identification of the technical standards with which these platforms will have to comply, also taking into account the interoperability rules defined at European level.

To participate, you must register for the event via this link.

The digitization of public procurement (e-procurement) represents a fundamental lever for greater efficiency of administrative processes, with positive results for economic growth, competition and innovation.

A digital revolution in which AgID actively contributes, which has allowed a 15-fold increase in the overall number of e-tenders carried out in the last 4 years in our country and one 50% reduction in award times of contracts. The following video summarizes the state of evolution of Italian e-procurement:

E-procurement in Italy: a digital revolution accompanied by AgID

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