Home News Early warning and early action to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property——Written on the occasion of World Meteorological Day in 2022-Social-Southeast Network

Early warning and early action to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property——Written on the occasion of World Meteorological Day in 2022-Social-Southeast Network

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Early warning and early action to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property——Written on the occasion of World Meteorological Day in 2022-Social-Southeast Network

Early warning and early action to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property——Written on the occasion of World Meteorological Day in 2022

www.fjsen.com 2022-03-24 11:22:04 Pan Aoda Source: Fujian Meteorological Bureau
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March 23, 2022 is the 62nd World Meteorological Day, with the theme of “Early Warning, Early Action: Meteorological, Hydrological and Climate Information to Help Disaster Prevention and Mitigation”. According to the World Meteorological Organization, extreme weather occurs frequently around the world, and climate change has become very obvious. Located on the southeast coast, our province is one of the provinces with frequent occurrence of meteorological disasters such as typhoons, rainstorms and strong convection. Early warning and early action are related to whether meteorological disasters can be “prevented before they occur, resisted at the first time, and rescued at key links”.

Meteorological disaster warning, often referred to as “care over mountains and mountains”, plays the role of a “news tree” in the “race” against extreme weather, helping to fight hard battles. The Fujian Provincial Meteorological Department aligns itself with the requirements of “precise monitoring, accurate forecasting, and refined service”, closely focusing on “early warning must benefit everyone, and early warning must trigger early action”, and accelerate the pace of meteorological science and technology innovation, in order to serve the province’s economic and social development, Provide strong support to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

Build an emergency linkage mechanism guided by meteorological disaster warning. The “1262” refined urban and rural meteorological disaster early warning linkage mechanism provides a strong guarantee for Fujian to deal with meteorological disasters. The Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, based on 12-hour, 6-hour, and 2-hour refined weather warnings, delineated key prevention areas in advance, pre-set rescue forces, and transferred personnel. The precise forecasting and early warning were seamlessly connected with government defense, improving decision-making and commanding capabilities. precision. Fujian Meteorological Bureau has strengthened cooperation with agriculture and rural areas, water conservancy, transportation, natural resources, emergency management, education, cultural tourism and other departments to jointly promote the construction of an emergency linkage mechanism guided by meteorological disaster warning. Fujian early warning release system seamlessly connects geological disasters, mountain torrent disaster risks, marine disasters, fishing boat dynamics, etc., “digital and intelligent” early warning is integrated into emergency management, urban brain and grid management, provinces, cities, counties, towns (streets), natural villages The (community) five-level integrated emergency warning information release system effectively activates the “nerve terminals” of disaster prevention and mitigation. Promote the revision of the “Fujian Meteorological Disaster Prevention Measures”, clarify the division of responsibilities of various departments, improve the emergency linkage mechanism for meteorological disasters in high-risk areas, high-sensitive industries, and high-risk groups, and realize the “three stops and one rest” for high-level early warning information. trigger.

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Strengthen the ability of meteorological disaster monitoring, forecasting and early warning led by scientific and technological innovation. In order to improve the predictability, make a good advance, and make a good “first move”, with the strong support of the party committees and governments at all levels and all sectors of society, our province has built a relatively complete monitoring, forecasting and early warning system for severe weather, and gradually improved the ability of accurate forecasting” Five 1’s, namely early warning of local strong weather 1 hour in advance, hour-by-hour weather forecast 1 day in advance, severe weather forecast 1 week in advance, major weather process forecast 1 month in advance, and climate year forecast for the whole province 1 year in advance. The decision-making service for the typhoon and rain process is 5 to 7 days in advance, the average accuracy of the rainstorm warning is 89.5%, the spatial resolution of the weather forecast product is fine to 2.5×2.5 kilometers, the 24-hour typhoon track forecast error is reduced to 68 kilometers, and the strong convection warning The signal time is advanced to 50 minutes. The interpretation and application ability of numerical weather forecast remains advanced in the country, and the optimal TS score precipitation correction algorithm (OTS) has been introduced and used by the National Meteorological Center and 8 provinces (cities). The Provincial Key Laboratory of Disaster Weather has carried out technical research on island-crossing typhoons, warm-area rainstorms and extended-term forecasts, deepened the research on the occurrence and development mechanism of severe weather such as rainstorms and strong convection, and significantly enhanced the ability of meteorological science and technology to support core business.

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Give full play to the role of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation as the first line of defense. The Fujian Provincial Meteorological Bureau takes digital weather as the starting point to strengthen the targeted and accurate release, improve the early warning release capability, and jointly issued the “Pilot Work Plan for the Precise Targeted Release of Meteorological Disaster Early Warning Short Messages” and “Precision and Targeted Release of Early Warning Short Messages” with the Provincial Communications Administration. “Emergency Private Network Access Plan”, and built a digital demonstration system for the precise and targeted release of early warning SMS. Promote the precise targeting of early warning information and the construction of national pilot projects for refined typhoon risk early warning. Early warning signals are distributed by counties (districts), and high-level early warning signals are refined to townships (towns, streets). The Fujian Early Warning Release System has 663 dissemination channels in 22 categories, connecting with Minzhengtong, eFuzhou, Quanchengtong, Pocket Nanping, i Ningde, Pingtan 12345 platform and the “ZhiWeather” app, etc., to provide refined early warning, through data mining, intelligent Analyze and publish in seconds, and build an extreme weather monitoring and early warning service system that is divided into disaster types, regions, time periods, strengths, and impacts. Make full use of the comprehensive risk census results of natural disasters, gradually establish a meteorological disaster risk early warning business system, realize real-time monitoring, quantitative impact assessment and risk early warning of major meteorological disasters, and improve the impact forecast and risk of extreme weather by disaster type, region and industry Early warning ability, struggling to “run” in front of the disaster.

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In the next step, the Fujian Provincial Meteorological Bureau will take the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on meteorological work and the spirit of the important speech to visit Fujian as the guide, and earnestly implement the provincial government’s “Notice on Several Measures to Further Promote the High-quality Development of the Meteorological Industry” (Min Zheng[ 2021]No. 23), and continue to promote meteorological modernization in the face of major national strategies, the production and life of the people, and the frontiers of science and technology in the world. Taking the “Quality Improvement Year” as the starting point, we will carry out actions to improve efficiency, improve efficiency, and increase benefits, focusing on the “Digital Weather” demonstration area, the “Fujian at sea” meteorological guarantee model area, the “Fresh Fujian” ecological meteorological model area, and the meteorology on both sides of the Strait. Integrate and develop the “four districts” such as the pilot area, accelerate the pilot program of high-quality meteorological modernization, better play the role of the first line of defense in meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, and strive to build a modern socialist country Fujian in an all-round way. The chapter contributed meteorological power and welcomed the victory of the Party’s 20th National Congress with excellent results.

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