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Earthquake in Ecuador: at least 14 dead and 126 injured after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake

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Earthquake in Ecuador: at least 14 dead and 126 injured after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake

According to the Government, most of the deaths were registered in the province of El Oro, on the border with Peru.

  • Several telluric movements, including one 6.5 registered this Saturday, have left at least 14 personas deaths and 126 people injured; This was stated by President Guillermo Lasso, who leads the Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) National from Guayaquil.
  • Of the total, 12 people are from the province of El Oro, in the south of the country, and two from Azuay (in Cuenca and Molleturo). All affected by the collapse of houses..

The 6.5 earthquake that occurred at noon, and which was felt in 13 of the 24 provinces of the country, was followed by three others that had magnitudes 4.8, as well as 3.7 and 3.6, with an epicenter at the extreme northeast of Puná Island in the Gulf of Guayaquil (southwest)

Official balance of earthquake damage in Ecuador

At 16:55the Adverse Events Monitoring Directorate mentioned that they are 50 houses affected, 17 educational units31 health centers, 14 public goods, 14 private goods and one affected bridge.

This is the balance of damages presented by the National Risk Secretariat until 15:11, and they mention:

  • Affectations in the cantonal center of the city of CuencaAzuay province, facade of a house collapsed on top of a vehicle from which a deceased person is reported.
  • In the province of Gold, Machala canton after an earthquake registered 29.12 km from Balao, Guayas, we recorded the collapse of a two-story house leaving people trapped inside, the collapse of the old cabotage dock was recorded, damage to the YAT Club Machala was also reported It recorded the fall of telephone lines, and lack of electricity in several cantons of the province, cracked walls of the PRONOVIS building, with people trapped. In addition, the collapse of the SIS ECU 911 camera tower is recorded on Jambelí Island, Santa Rosa canton, Santa Rosa airport presents slight damage, 3 deaths have been recorded so far. Answer:
    Firefighters personnel carry out people’s rescue, National Police personnel carry out a tour verifying affectations, SGR carries out an initial assessment of needs in the affected sites.
  • In the province of Guayaswe recorded damage to fallen masonry in buildings and shopping centers, 1 private property affected: collapse of a supermarket façade, 1 public property affected: masonry and roofs of the University of Guayaquil.
  • In Chimborazo. In Licán there is a road affected Curva de Lican, via Riobamba – Colta [E35]after a landslide caused by the earthquake.
    Damage Verification:
  • Petroecuador confirmed that the terminal facilities: Marítimo Balao, Chorrillos, Monteverde, La Libertad, La Toma Loja Deposit they do not record news. The Esmeraldas Quito pipeline stopped as a precaution, but at the moment it is operating again without any news. The Pascuales Terminal and LNG Plant, and Terminal 3 Bocas suspended activities and were evacuated as a precaution. No news reported.
  • Los airports Guayaquil and Cuenca are operational, without news.
  • The hydrocarbons sector does not register news, for the moment.
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