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Earthquake in Ecuador leaves at least 4 dead

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Earthquake in Ecuador leaves at least 4 dead

An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on the Richter scale was registered this Saturday in the province of Guayas, Ecuador, at 12:11 local time.

As reported by the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School. The telluric movement was also felt in northern Peru.

The epicenter of the earthquake was the city of Balao and was located 14 kilometers from the El Naranjal area, while the focus of the movement had a depth of 75 km. The tremor caused several material damages in different parts of the country.

The Secretariat for Risk Management reported that so far several affectations have been registered. In the cantonal center of the city of Cuenca, province of Azuay, a house collapsed on top of a vehicle, leaving one person dead. In the province of El Oro, the collapse of a two-story house left people trapped inside and damage was recorded at the YAT Club Machala, as well as the fall of telephone lines and a lack of electricity in several cantons of the province. In addition, the collapse of the SIS ECU 911 camera tower was recorded on Jambelí Island, Santa Rosa canton, where three deaths have been reported so far.

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