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Easily create project templates in Jira with the Templating.app

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Easily create project templates in Jira with the Templating.app

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How does it say so poetically? There is magic in every beginning! And this often also applies to the projects that a team starts. There is an innovative, promising idea, it is broken down into concrete work and actionable to-dos – and now let’s see what comes of it!

However, there are often certain organizational constraints that (should) prevent the team from letting off steam without paying attention to administrative conventions. The right mix of guidance and freedom can ensure that, on the one hand, the company’s administrative requirements are adhered to and, on the other hand, the team is not slowed down in its creative work on innovations.

Die Templating.app for Jira supports this balancing act: Admins now have the opportunity to create project templates that non-admin users can adopt at any time, whenever the situation arises that a team wants to create their own project.

Empowering admins and non-admins alike

Imagine that one of your team members has a really cool idea for a new project – be it an original new app, a consulting service that would solve an important customer problem, or a promising marketing campaign. But before the team can take action, you have to fight your way through an administrative labyrinth in Jira.

In many companies, projects that emerge from teams require initial support from Jira admins, because so-called “team-managed projects” are not an option. There are obvious reasons for this: Without certain guidelines or standards, it could easily happen that these projects get out of hand in terms of workflows, process types, fields, etc. In case of doubt, it will be difficult to synthesize the correct information and metrics from such projects; inefficiencies and likely additional costs will arise. Ultimately, many organizations prevent non-admins from managing projects.

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With the Templating.app for Jira but there is another way. This practical solution not only allows you to create process and subtask templates, but also project templates!

First, a Jira admin must create a project template, define the specifics of the template (icon, title, description), configure the project type and schemas (field configuration, process types, notifications, etc.), define the permissions for users and finally activate the project for use. This completes the admin job unless you want to adjust the settings again at a later date.

From now on, non-admin users in their teams can create their own projects based on such preconfigured templates. Depending on which options were activated by the admins, some further configuration work may be necessary, but after a few minutes at the latest the team will have their own project up and running without admins having to be involved!

Admins set up templates and leave the rest to the teams

Working with templates pre-built by the organization (access and usage can be precisely defined through granular permissions) has some significant advantages for the company. Firstly, admin teams are significantly relieved because they do not have to be active for each individual team project (but only initially when creating the template). Secondly, a certain level of overview is created at the organizational level, while at the same time efficiency increases and more standardization is created. And third, the project templates support low-friction scalability as the company grows over time and the number of teams (and projects) increases.

Creating a new project template is incredibly easy.

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In the top-down navigation menu Administration Click the menu item in the administration menu Apps Call up the in the list of installed apps Templating.app Select the function in the app interface Templates click click on Create templateto start creating

(The path is even one step shorter if you use the menu item directly in the Jira navigation Apps choose.)

The subsequent configuration of the basic elements is also an easy exercise for experienced admins. The template needs an icon, a title and a description; then the project type must be selected – followed by the schemas with field configuration, process types, workflow, etc. The Templating.app also offers admins the opportunity to specify exactly which users or groups will be authorized to create new projects based on the template. Finally the configuration is saved.

By configuring the template, your admins have achieved two things: On the one hand, the teams have the freedom to create their own projects and use them for their purposes; On the other hand, consistency and efficiency are always guaranteed across these projects. Voila, the admin team is out of the game.

Speed, efficiency and consistency for users

And now, at the user level, the Templating.app is proving its full potential. Now that there is a solid foundation, your team is empowered to express themselves freely in their own projects, while ensuring that the organization’s overarching rules are adhered to.

Creating new projects based on templates has significant advantages for teams and users. By using predefined structures, setting up a project is a lean, straightforward process; There is consistency across projects and errors, such as incorrect configurations, are reduced. In the end, your team can concentrate on productive work on the project almost from the start, instead of having to deal with administrative tasks.

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Here’s how it works: You open the Templating.app in Jira and click Project Templates. Now you choose the template that meets your team’s needs, give it a name, configure the options that the admins have provided for it, set the project type and schemas (if possible) – and then your team can get to work.

Templating.app for Jira

With the new feature, the Templating.app for Jira gives both admins and users in your company’s teams additional options from which both sides benefit significantly.

If you would like to find out more about the app’s functionalities and potential, It’s worth taking a look at the Atlassian Marketplace and the detailed documentation for the app. Or Simply arrange a demo appointment directly: The development team looks forward to talking to you and showing you the solution in practice!

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