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“East Numbers and West Count” Business Opportunities Surging Listed Companies Stakes – Oriental Fortune Net

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  Planting a plane tree will attract a phoenix.

Li Bin, deputy director of the Cloud Computing and Big Data Development Bureau of Zhongwei City, Ningxia, has been busy recently. Since the official launch of the “East and West” project, two or three companies have come to Zhongwei every dayresearchI hope to join the construction of the Ningxia Zhongwei computing power hub node, and there is an endless stream of people for telephone consultation and communication.

On February 14, Ningxia issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development and Application of Big Data Industry” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”). The “Opinions” proposed to accelerate the construction of the Ningxia hub, the national hub of the national integrated computing power network, to build a high-standard Zhongwei data center cluster, and to refine the relevant support policies.

Expressions like “reducing electricity costs”, “tax reductions” and “subsidies” also frequently appear in relevant plans in western regions such as Chengdu-Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, and Gansu.

There are top-level plans to follow, and government-enterprise linkages are imminent. Since the launch of “Counting in the East and Counting in the West”, there have beenDr. PengYi Hualu, Tencent and other listed companies connected with the planning and construction of new data centers. In addition, Ali,JingdongDawn of ZhongkeUkede and other industrial chain companies have successively stated that they will actively participate in the “East and West” project.

Lv Jianwei, Dean of UF Industrial Research Institute, said that “East Digital and Western Calculation” will promote the unified standardization of the construction of super-large data centers and computing power nodes, and the standardization of network construction and power access will be much better than before, avoiding local congestion. , the problem of repeated construction. The leaders who have already deployed large-scale data centers in the east will enter the stage of refined operation. In the west, these companies will accelerate the staking due to their experience advantages.

  Local policies follow

Relevant support policies have become the “standard” for the relevant planning of “East Number and West Calculation” computing power nodes in Chengdu, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Gansu, etc. All regions are chasing after each other in the planning and implementation of supporting policies.

Ningxia is one of the 8 national computing power hub nodes planned by “East and West”.

In Zhongwei, Ningxia, dry climate and barren land used to be unfavorable factors restricting economic development. Now it is suitable to use all-natural air cooling technology to build a new green data center. The “Opinions” propose that in accordance with the principle of “adjusting measures to local conditions, dislocation development, and industrial agglomeration”, accelerate the construction of the Ningxia hub, a national hub node of the national integrated computing power network, build a high-standard Zhongwei data center cluster, and build a nationwide computing power guarantee base .

The “Opinions” also clarified a number of supporting policies in terms of ensuring project construction land, reducing production electricity costs, introducing advantageous enterprises to land, supporting the use of cloud computing services, and reducing corporate tax burdens. Among them, expressions such as “three exemptions and three halvings”, capital subsidies, and reduction of electricity prices have appeared many times.

According to ShanghaisecuritiesAccording to the reporter’s statistics, similar policies have become the “standard” for the planning of “East Numbers and West Calculations” computing power nodes in Chengdu, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Gansu, etc. In the planning and implementation of supporting policies, local governments have shown a momentum of catching up with others.

“Planting a plane tree will attract phoenixes.” Li Bin described the opportunities brought to Zhongwei by “counting the east and the west”, “The first-mover advantage in the industry is very important. At present, Zhongwei’s installed server capacity has reached nearly 500,000 units, which is in the leading position. status.”

Since the release of the policy, the companies that have been interviewed and investigated have “stepped through” the threshold of Zhongwei Cloud Computing and Big Data Development Bureau. While being interviewed by reporters, there were still visitors waiting in the conference room, and Li Bin speeded up his speech when introducing the situation to reporters.

Li Bin said that the implementation of the “East and West” project, through the layout of computing facilities from east to west, will drive the effective transfer of related industries and promote theWestern DigitalCirculation and value transfer, expand the development space in the east, and promote the development of the west to form a new pattern. “For a central defender, this opportunity is not to be missed.”

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In the future, Ningxia will also actively build a complete “cloud ecosystem”, focus on building a cloud base in the west, and at the same time fully promote the establishment of a data disaster recovery center.

  Listed company staking

From hardware companies, software companies to platform-based technology companies, listed companies have made efforts to “calculate the east and count the west”Constructionintending to get a piece of the pie.

Lv Jianwei is not at all surprised by the “time does not wait” in the current local planning package.

Lv Jianwei said that the rapid development of my country’s e-commerce and mobile Internet, as well as the achievements of the digital economy, are inseparable from the high-speed construction of China’s land network and sky network. In addition to the Beidou navigation and positioning network and the high-speed and dense 4G/5G communication network, “East Numbers and West Calculations” are also an important part of the construction of Skynet and a part of the construction of my country’s high-speed data transmission network.

February 14,Dr. PengHeld a project construction docking symposium with Yuzhong County, Lanzhou, Gansu.Dr. PengLiu Bo, general manager of the Industrial Internet Division, led the team to exchange views on the cooperation project of Dr. Peng’s 5G Big Data Industrial Park. As early as 2019, the company began to deploy Gansu data centers and related ecosystems.

  Yi HualuAn 800Pb data lake has been built in Ya’an, Sichuan, and a large number of orders from eastern cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou have been placed. The company stated that it has built data lakes in the national hub nodes of the national computing power network such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Chengdu-Chongqing, Guizhou, and Ningxia.Yi HualuIt will give full play to the low energy consumption of the company’s Blu-ray storage series products, and cooperate with Huawei and other strategic partners to provide necessary hardware and technical support for the construction of low-carbon data centers in the “East and West” project.

  Dawn of ZhongkeAs a core information infrastructure enterprise, it actively participates in the “East and West” project. July 2021,Dawn of ZhongkeLaunched computing power infrastructure and public computing service platform – computing service, and unified operation and management by its subsidiary Sugon Smart Computing, aiming to achieve computing power interconnection by connecting the computing power resources of data centers all over the country. In August, Sugon released the “Eco-level Integrated Big Data Center”.

“In terms of building traditional large-scale data centers, the company has leading technologies and capabilities such as liquid-cooling energy saving, high-end computing, and underlying security. However, the construction goal of an integrated big data center requires the coordination of the industry chain to achieve, which is also the reason why we release ecological-level integration. The original intention of transforming the big data center, the company will open up more technologies and capabilities, and work with partners to promote industrial ecological innovation.” said He Jisheng, vice president of Zhongke Sugon and general manager of Sugon Digital Creation.

Ali, Tencent,JingdongAnd other platform-based technology companies are a step ahead. Qu Haifeng, a researcher at Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Data Center, said that in the future, data center construction will also be divided into edge type and centralized type.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud plans to build 5 super data centers, which are located in Zhangbei, Heyuan, Hangzhou, Nantong, and Ulanqab. Among them, Alibaba Cloud Zhangbei Data Center and Xuanhua Data Center under construction belong to the “East and West”. Calculated as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hub in the project.

Tencent Cloud has put into operation the Gui’an Qixing Data Center in the Guizhou hub.In the Chengdu-Chongqing hub, Tencent Cloud has deployed two cloud computing data centers in Chongqing, the first phase of which was put into use in June 2018 and can accommodate 100,000 servers. The fourth self-built large-scale data center cluster after that has become an important data center and network center for Tencent in the southwest region.Changan AutomobilesohuMore than 100 enterprises provide cloud services; the second phase of the project has started construction in April 2020. After the overall completion, it will have the computing and storage capacity of 200,000 servers, making it the largest single data center in the western region.

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Zhong Yuanhe, vice president of Tencent Cloud and general manager of Tencent’s IDC platform department, said that Tencent will choose different data center construction methods such as self-construction, co-construction, and leasing according to customer needs. For the whole industry, whether the local government’s investment attraction environment, local network support, and human resources support can keep up with the needs of customers are also important factors that determine the speed and effect of the “East and West” construction.

  JingdongCloud has also completed the data center layout nationwide, and has data centers in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Chengdu-Chongqing and other national computing power hub nodes. At the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hub, the JD Cloud Langfang Data Center adopted large-scale liquid cooling, heat recovery and other technologies, and used a high-temperature water system to cool the CPU, reducing total carbon emissions by more than 10%. In the Chengdu-Chongqing hub, the Jingdong Cloud Data Center located in the Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone has introduced large-scale computing clusters, disaster recovery centers, and intelligent manufacturing, big data industry manufacturing and R&D projects to gather intelligent industrial ecology for the region and provide new infrastructure facilities. Template.

When the “digital economy” is superimposed on “East Number and West Computation”, the software leader is also making adjustments based on the top-level design of “East Number and West Computation”. Lv Jianwei said that UFIDA will balance data storage and computing allocation according to customer needs. “We will build a multi-cloud unified management platform based on user demands to meet the differentiated needs of users of different scales, industries, and development stages for cloud platforms.” Lv Jianwei said that cross-platform multi-cloud management capabilities will become the core competition of software service companies an important part of power.

  It is impossible to swarm

Whether it is the construction of “East and West” or the performance of stock prices, rushing up and quickly gathering and dispersing are all harmful and not beneficial. The construction of data centers has long passed the time of extensive growth.

relatedResearch reportIt shows that for every 1 percentage point increase in the computing power index, the digital economy andGDPwill increase by 3.3% respectively. and 1.8%. . After the “East Numbers and West Calculations” project is launched, the leverage effect on related industries may reach 1:8. The early stage of the project construction is expected to involve the procurement of temperature control equipment, power equipment and other equipment room supporting facilities, and the subsequent increase in traffic and computing power demand , or bring further increments to IT equipment such as servers, switches, and optical modules. Such a huge driving effect ignited the capital market.

Since the launch of “East Numbers and West Calculations”, related concept stocks have continued to be sought after by funds.JialituWait for the stocks to go up and down continuously. However, relevant listed companies appear to be more cautious when interacting with investors.

As of press time, about 10 companies have released stock trading changesannouncementand the company received a letter of concern.InvicImiconAfter successive announcements, the impact of the policy on the company’s business remains to be seen, and investors are reminded to pay attention to the follow-up implementation of the policy and market conditions.Guiguang NetworkSaid that Dongshuxisuan (Guizhou) Industry Co., Ltd., which was established as a shareholder, is in the early stage of design and planning, and has not yet launched specific business.

A person in charge of a listed company said frankly that, whether it is the construction of “East and West” or the performance of the stock price, rushing to get together and quickly dispersing is all harmful and not beneficial. The construction of data centers has long passed the time of extensive growth. Whether it is from the policy control of PUE (an indicator for evaluating the energy efficiency of data centers) or the setting of computing power nodes, top-level planning comes first. It is hoped that while striving for resources, all localities will pay more attention to the long-term planning of local industrial facilities, so that the construction can be useful, the construction can be used, and the construction can be used effectively.

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It is worth noting that due to the large construction investment and long cycle, if the digital center cannot be completed on time or achieve a sufficient availability rate (the number of servers that have been put into operation/the number of servers that can be accommodated in the total rack), construction and operation companies will face huge challenges. investment losses. At a time when the concept is so hot, companies have disclosed the risk of projects not being completed on time.

  JialituA few days ago, it was stated that the company’s “Nanjing Kaide Youyun Data Center Project” may not be able to complete the project on time. The project is expected to have a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan. The project is expected to have a construction period of 42 months. The project is planned to be implemented in three phases. However, due to the long construction period of the data center and the impact of the implementation progress of the climate environment, power equipment and other supporting resources where the project is located, it may not be completed on time, which brings certain risks to the completion of the project on time.

Qu Haifeng, a researcher at Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Data Center, admitted that compared with the world‘s advanced data centers, although the number of data centers being constructed in my country is large, the quality is not strong. Large-scale, but to a certain extent, it is a disguised digital real estate that does not have the processing power of computing power and other information platforms. In addition, the energy consumption structure of data centers is not optimized enough, and the proportion of clean energy used in the data center is far behind its international counterparts.

According to estimates, the energy consumption of national data centers in 2021 will reach 216.6 billion kWh, an increase of 44% compared with 2020, accounting for about 2.6% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society; carbon dioxide emissions will be about 135 million tons, an increase of 39.15 million tons compared with 2020. It accounts for about 1.14% of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Promoting the construction of data centers to save energy and reduce emissions has been put on the agenda. The “Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of New Data Centers (2021-2023)” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed that it will take 3 years to basically form a reasonable layout, advanced technology, green and low carbon, computing power scale and digital economic growth The corresponding development pattern of new data center.

According to Zhong Yuanhe, the average annual PUE of Tencent’s self-built data centers has dropped below 1.25. At the same time, the energy efficiency of the local power grid and the use of renewable energy have gradually become important considerations for Tencent to select the location of the data center.

A-share industry chain companies are also actively taking action. Sugon is advocating the concept of “dual circulation” to form a two-pronged green integrated big data center. In terms of internal energy-saving cycle, Sugon started the exploration and research of server energy-saving liquid cooling technology in 2011, and now has more than 50 “liquid cooling” core technology patents. With phase change liquid cooling technology as the core, the company has formed a complete solution for energy saving and consumption reduction in the data center system, which can help the data center to achieve annual natural cooling in the whole region, and the PUE value can be reduced to 1.04. External low-carbon cycle level, The company joins hands with industry partners to form a green ecological complex with the data center as the core, friendly connection with the external environment, and sustainable coexistence.

(Article source: Shanghaisecuritiesnewspaper)

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