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Ecological Sunday, today stop for cars in the center of Treviso

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Ecological Sunday, today stop for cars in the center of Treviso

Today, October 30, “ecological Sunday”, from 9 to 18, inside the Walls: historic center forbidden to cars and, for nine hours, conquered by bicycles and pedestrians. This is the first day off motor vehicles in the autumn-winter 2022-2023, an initiative that aims to combat fine dust and, above all, raise awareness of the use of alternative means.

«We will have about ten agents who will monitor the main accesses to the city throughout the day, for preventive purposes», explains Andrea Gallo, commander of the local police, «as a reminder there will also be displays near the center. Good weather is expected, it will be a city full of people. I trust in the attention of the Treviso people, in the past always respectful. I remember that entry by car inside the walls, in the absence of exceptions, is punished with a fine of 80 euros “.

In derogation (self-certification on the website www.comune.treviso.it) the vehicles of residents or domiciled in the area covered by the block, or directed to a garage inside the walls, may circulate; with electric motor or hybrid as long as they work with the electric; for the transport of people undergoing essential therapies for the treatment of serious illnesses; for assistance to hospitalized patients in health care facilities or residential services; assigned to rescue tasks, doctors on duty or veterinarians on an urgent home visit; of health personnel and hospital technicians on-call service; belonging to public and private entities that perform public service or public utility functions; used for wedding or funeral ceremonies; sports clubs for the transport of athletes, referees and race officials; used for particular urgent activities or emergency maintenance services; of hotel guests.

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Park outside the walls: Miani (free all day), Appiani, via Lancieri di Novara, former skating rink, along Mura Porta San Tomaso, former Foro Boario, Dal Negro, station overpass, Metropark station, Miani Park.

Meanwhile, from today to Wednesday 2 November, there will be more and more visits to cemeteries for the commemoration of the dead: openings in San Lazzaro, Santa Bona, Monigo and Canizzano, from 7.30 to 19.30 until 1 November, then from 2 to at 5 pm Tomorrow at 11 am, in San Lazzaro, the “Garden of the angels” will be inaugurated, a place for the burial and remembrance of children who died at an early age. “We will strengthen the vigilance in the cemeteries in these days, even with plainclothes agents. I recommend not to leave anything visible in the parked car ”, concludes Gallo.Mattia Toffoletto

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