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Ecopetrol and Parex Resources sign agreement to search for gas in Casanare – news

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Ecopetrol and Parex Resources sign agreement to search for gas in Casanare – news

In an emotional ceremony held in the auditorium of the Paz de Ariporo mayor’s office, the SENA Regional Casanare presented certificates for work skills to 44 outstanding local artisans. These talented creators were certified in the Standard: Project Production According to Technical Requirements, highlighting their commitment to excellence and quality in their creations.

The presentation of certificates was marked by an exhibition of artisanal products made by certified artisans, who use a wide variety of materials found in the region such as leather, coconut, Taparo, Totumo, cedar wood, tree roots, nuts and seeds of Pionio and Capacho. These local raw materials are turned into beautiful pieces of craftsmanship that reflect the rich llanero culture and unique talent of the region.

During the event, the Director of SENA Casanare, Johana Astrid Medina Peña, together with Mayor Jorge Camilo Abril Tarache, highlighted the importance of certification for work skills as an official recognition of the skills and knowledge acquired by artisans. Medina Peña emphasized that this process not only validates the work done by the artisans, but also provides them with greater job opportunities and contributes to the economic and cultural growth of the community.

“Today we are making a dream come true, which is the certification of that position that is given to us as artisans. Paz de Ariporo has a very great potential and today, thanks to SENA, we are being recognized for the work that entrepreneurial men and women in the municipality are doing,” said Jose Leal, an artisan who was part of the certification process for labor skills and is the owner of the Creaciones enterprise. Joles.

The ceremony was not only a well-deserved recognition for the certified artisans, but also a tribute to the tradition and creativity that characterizes Paz de Ariporo. The combination of technique, passion and culture present in each of the artisanal pieces exhibited during the event demonstrates the invaluable artistic heritage that the department of Casanare has.

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Source: Sena Casanare

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