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Ecopetrol incorporates electric vehicles in its Casanare operations – news

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A 37-year-old patient died as a result of medical complications and after going from the Casanare Clinic to the Orinoquia Regional Hospital, in what her relatives point out as an alleged case of medical negligence.

The woman identified as Yenny Yanenci Gómez López, a stylist by profession and owner of the “Pelitos Play” establishment in Yopal, had manifested severe stomach pain that did not improve. Over the hours, she went to the Casanare Clinic emergency room where she received initial attention for emergencies.

After being discharged and with some medications, Yenny returned to her home where she worsened, so she went to HORO, where she underwent surgery and later her death was reported in the Gyomedical ICU.

HORO assures that there was no medical negligence

Regarding the case from the HORO, the doctor Jefferson Infante confirmed that there was no medical negligence, since according to the patient’s narration to the doctor on duty, she came with abdominal pain with evolution of a month, after several examinations they found stones in her gallbladder and was operated according to the protocols. Hours later, Yenny Yanenci deteriorated, so she was transferred back to the surgery floor due to a picture of appendicitis added to an inflammatory picture that led to her death.

According to the doctor Infante, the patient was admitted to HORO on January 25 and later, when septic shock developed, she required transfer on January 29 to the Gyomedical Intensive Care Unit, where she died.

The health provider entity reiterated that all the care given to the woman is based on the clinical history and was carried out according to diagnoses given clearly and in a timely manner for her care.

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In addition to appendicitis, the diagnosis of Yenny’s disease in the HORO was choledocholithiasis, a disease in which a stone cannot pass naturally through the duct for its expulsion, this duct obstruction also causes bacterial contamination and possible infections of the bile that will generally cause poor general condition in the patient.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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