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Ed Sheeran releases new song ‘Eyes Closed’… “The Essence of Love and Loss” :: Sympathetic Media Newsis News Agency ::

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Ed Sheeran releases new song ‘Eyes Closed’…  “The Essence of Love and Loss” :: Sympathetic Media Newsis News Agency ::

Regular 5th album ‘[-]’ Selection song

Four-part documentary ‘Ed Sheeran: The Island of It All’ to be released in May

[서울=뉴시스] Ed Sheeran. 2023.03.26. (Photo = Provided by Warner Music Korea) [email protected] *Resale and DB prohibited

[서울=뉴시스]Reporter Lee Jae-hoon = Warner Music Korea announced on the 27th that British star singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has released the sound source and music video for his new single ‘Eyes Closed’.

The song was written by Sheeran a few years ago. Initially started as a breakup song, the lyrics took on a whole new meaning after experiencing her heartbreaking loss. The original version of the track was revisited and reinterpreted for the new album.

In February of last year, the famous British R&B and hip-hop platform ‘SB.TV.’ It is known that the sudden death of its founder, British music entrepreneur Jamal Edwards (1990-2022), influenced the song. He was close friends with Sheeran like his brother.

The 5th regular album that Sheeran is preparing ‘[-]’Eyes Closed’, which boasts the most pop sound in ‘(Subtract)’, captures the essence of love and loss, and this is also reflected in the music video. In this video directed by Mia Barnes, ‘Blue Monster’ follows Sheeran out at night.

Warner Music explained, “Blue Monster is a metaphor for sadness, and wherever you go, it reminds you of the emptiness left in your life because you can’t shake it off.”

Sheeran introduced, “This song is about the feeling that after losing someone, it feels like you’ll run into that person every time you go out, and everything reminds you of that person and the things you’ve done with that person.”

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When conceiving the concept for the ‘Eyes Closed’ music video, he said he wanted to make a video inspired by the movie ‘Harvey’, in which the main character has an imaginary friend who is a giant rabbit that no one can see.

Sheeran said, “Even in the book I read to my daughters, there is a content that compares sadness to an imaginary creature. Sadness often follows me and covers the room I am in, and I can feel and see it alone.” “I decided to make a big blue monster. As the video progresses, the blue monster gets bigger and bigger until it takes up the entire room, and I can only see that blue monster. It’s like sadness.”

this album'[-]’ will be released on May 5th. Written against a backdrop of sadness and hope, it was written and recorded by Aaron Dessner of the band ‘The National’ for a 14-track album.

Along with this, Sheeran’s four-part documentary ‘Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All’ will be released on Disney+ from May 3rd. Private records, interviews, and performances that have never been released are harmonized.

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