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Edilnol, a large company in Treviglio

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Edilnol, a large company in Treviglio

Foul in the attack of Langston or irregular contact of Scion? In Treviglio they will think about it for a long time, looking at the images. But on the statistical tables remain the two points at Edilnol, paired with the Bergamo players until that whistle in which two referees had divergent opinions and the one in favor of the rossoblù prevailed. But immediately afterwards Kenny Hasbrouck took care of it: 8 points in a row and a margin that Federico Miaschi, formerly with the fire inside, tried to mend until the last second. But the scoreboard sanctions the 71-73 which for the first time gives Biella +8 on the last place, that of direct relegation.

At the two-ball Zanchi chooses Tommaso Bianchi for the first time this season in the starting quintet, together with the usual Hasbrouck, Pollone, Davis and Morgillo. Carrea replies with an ex out of three: it is Venuto, who has the task of marking Hasbrouck and who is accompanied by Rodriguez, Sollazzo, Sacchetti and Langston. The start is with the foot well pressed on the accelerator. The percentages are high and the actions seem to be the ones to get noticed on the pitch, with the shots that come from the dribble more than from a pattern. The first minibreak is the son of a triple from Pollone (6-7) but to extinguish the escape attempt is a 1 on 2 from the line by Rodriguez. Morgillo remains on the pitch with two fouls and the watchful eyes of those who assist fans among the rossoblùs entrust him with the 11-15 ball, to beat the defensive change that had seen him coupled to a guard. Carrea notices this and gives up on Langston to put D’Almeida’s fast feet, together with Miaschi, to complete the line-up of former. At 3’30 ” from the siren Rodriguez from the bow is the counter-overtake (18-17) but Edilnol remains solid and concentrated and, after a couple of forays by Miaschi, the second closed with a dunk after beating Pollone from the dribble, it is the rossoblù number 20 to seal the 20-21 from the line on which the first period ends.

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The vein of the attacks can be seen from the shooting percentages: 50% for the home team, 60% for Biella. But Zanchi knows that defense is one of the secrets to win. The other is energy: Gianmarco Bertetti has plenty of it. First he crashes on a block and grants the +1 basket to Bogliardi. Then he replies in a very loud voice: iron penetration, triple number 1 and triple number 2. They score eight points in a row that bring Edilnol to +9, also nullifying Carrea’s scolding during a time out. Without Langston the defense seems to work better but the attack is fossilized on the shot from outside. Biella also sees the basket a bit smaller after Steven Davis’ 27-37. To get the Bergamo out of trouble, Miaschi’s pheasant is needed: he invents a triple siren from the locker room door after a rossoblù defense on which there is little to object. It is the sting of enthusiasm that lifts morale and above all the effectiveness in their own half of the biancoblù field: the partial with which the period ends is 9-0, with the stamp of the Crimes bomb at the end which is worth 36-37 and leave the games wide open.

The third quarter continues along the lines of the previous one: after Morgillo’s +3, Zanchi’s boys sweat their vests with each attack and the defenses that dirty the percentages of others are frustrated by the insane amount of offensive rebounds granted. In an action even four arrive before Treviglio loses the ball anyway. The overwhelming power of the rear guards lies in one fact: the partial 4-5 of the first five minutes of the period. However, after the halfway point, the Mascio Group is backed up. The overtaking is by D’Almeida (43-42 at 3’50 ” from the siren), the minifuge is signed by Sollazzo and Miaschi. The home team’s run, ahead 48-42, is 10-0. The Rossoblu’s attacking booty in eight minutes is 5 points. Who is able to restore the shock? Obviously, Bertetti: with his feet well away from the 6.75 line, he has the goal of 52-50 with which you enter the final straight.

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Those 15 rebounds in Treviglio’s attack are the most worrying figure. And the first key is the quintet that manages to concede a few less than, curious to say, has five Italians on the pitch and Hasbrouck and Davis resting. Langston loses three balls in a row, Soviero capitalizes on a Bertetti theft by throwing himself towards the iron for 52 all. We proceed arm in arm, with yet another tear propitiated by Bertetti (55-59) which, however, is stitched up by Sollazzo and Langston up to +3 of the hosts. Hasbrouck starts his key moment with a free throw which, together with Davis’ basket, is equal. Then, with the two teams at 62, there is that foul whistled right in Langston. From the possible -2 Biella finds itself at +3 and then at +6. The credit goes to Kenny Hasbrouck who goes from 1/5 from three to two bombs in a row. It is 62-68 with 1’41 ” from the end, but the time is long and Treviglio’s anger is a wave. Davis scores, Rodriguez replies with -2 from the arc with 30 ” on the clock. Nerves and steady hands are needed. That’s why the ball goes to Hasbrouck who stops and shoots Langston in the face, just like the pattern drawn in the last action wanted, and makes him fly to -4. The last gasp is Miaschi’s triple, who is entrusted with the desperate attempt that comes after Davis’ only free throw. The former also tries to ask for a foul but no one in Treviglio believes it that much. He ends up with hugs and handshakes. And for Biella with the joy of the first winning trip to the home of a giant of the championship.

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The match report
Mascio Treviglio-Edilnol Biella Group 71-73. Treviglio: Rodriguez 8 (2/4, 1/7), Venuto (0/1, 0/3), Sollazzo 11 (4/10, 1/3), Sacchetti 6 (1/2, 0/1), Langston 9 (4/8), Bogliardi 2 (1/1), Reati 3 (0/1, 1/3), Miaschi 16 (3/8, 3/7), Lupusor 2 (1/2), D’Almeida 7 (3/5), Abati Touré ne. Coach: Carrea. Biella: Soviero 2 (1/2), Hasbrouck 14 (2/5, 3/7), Pollone 9 (1/3, 1/5), Davis 14 (7/12, 0/1), Morgillo 6 (3 / 4), Bianchi 2 (1/1, 0/1), Bertetti 15 (1/3, 4/7), Vincini 2 (1/1, 0/1), Infante 4 (0/1, 0/2) , Porfilio it, Them. Coach: Zanchi. Partial: 20-21, 16-16, 15-13, 12-18. From two: Treviglio 19/42, Biella 17/32. From three: Treviglio 6/24, Biella 7/24. Free throws: Treviglio 8/14, Biella 10/12. Rebounds: Treviglio 46 (Miaschi and Sollazzo 8), Biella 32 (Pollone 10). Assist: Treviglio 13 (Rodriguez 4), Biella 16 (Bertetti 5).

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