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Eitan, the judge requires visits to the grandfather with the social worker

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MILANO – Today the Israeli Court “at the request of the guardian” of Eitan, paternal aunt Aya, “has accepted his concerns by ordering that a new agreement be negotiated that provides for the surveillance of a third party for the visits of Eitan to the Peleg family “, that is, that of the maternal grandparents.

The Italian lawyers of Aya, the lawyers, made it clear to Ansa Grace Cesaro e Cristina Pagni, in relation “to the accusations made against the paternal aunt, which appeared yesterday in the press, of not respecting the alternation agreements in the custody of the minor” after the sentence two days ago that had agreed with the aunt recognizing the abduction of the minor. The decision of the Tribunal of Israel took place last October 27 and brought down the previous agreements.

According to what was reported yesterday by the Pelegs, on the basis of the temporary agreement between the families reached in recent weeks, before the sentence on Monday, and which provided for an alternate stay of the child of three days between Aya Biran and the grandfather Shmuel Peleg, the aunt should have brought the baby back to his grandfather and instead she never did. According to reports from legal sources of the Peleg family, the aunt no longer answered the phone and never returned the child even though reminders had been issued. Aya herself, however, turned to the Court to clarify that she had chosen to keep her grandson with her, after the sentence, because she no longer trusted her family members who had become adversaries, after the little one had been taken away by her grandfather from Pavia. ’11 September, and especially in the absence of checks during the meetings.

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Today the guardian’s lawyers explained that, at the judge’s disposal, there may be meetings between the child and the Peleg family, but with external supervision.

The aunt, however, will not be able to return to Italy with the child for now because she has to wait for the deadline (7 days maximum from Monday) by which the grandfather can appeal against the verdict, with the possibility, among other things, , to first ask for the suspension of the enforceability of the decision.


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